Saturday, June 27, 2009

Craziness So Close........

Well, as I'm getting my Blog swimming wings back again, regardless of if my readers have expectedly, and without guilt swept away, I have some gripes in which the world I live in. North Korea. I haven't written in a while. I am quite rusty. But, it seems that my complacency of living on the Korean Penninsula has taken a weak turn. I always thought that North Korea was just being rhetorically ridiculous. I'm not so sure anymore, and I've realized that North has most of its missiles pointed toward my apartment. And my gleaming, shiney head makes a great target.

In the past I haven't cared much about Kim-Jong-Ill's arrogance and stupidity. Well, it looks like he wants to fire a long range missile towards Hawaii during Fourth of July Weekend. As much as we all like fireworks, this just might be a really good show for the Hawaiin people. If I were them, I'd grab some ice cream, beer and blockbusters. After all, American fireworks suck, and Asians are the ones that invented them anyway. But don't worry. We apparently have "missle-Screwing" technology that won't even let them get close.
God Bless "Star Wars". I don't mean how badly those ridicouly untalented actors enveloped the " Cheesey prequels" of a monumental film sequence and "cried" like actors on a bad Cheerios commercial. personally, I think Hayden Christenson and Natalie Portman should be shot for their very "awkward" intimicies. What I'm talking about is America's ridiculous and hopefully strong defence. You know, the brilliant system that can shoot down those third-grade style science projects they have been working so hardly on. I think my science project that espoused the idea that black objects retain more heat than white ones may have more merit than their idiodic ballistic missiles.
The bad side for yours truly, is that Pyongyang (North Korea's Capital and just a long walk from me) has said that if we fuck with its ships that it will basically consider that an act of war, and destroy Seoul (my current home), and the US (my home country). Wow, as much as I should be shitting Brontosaurus-sized dumps, I can honestly say I feel a strong bluff..........very strong. But on a positve note, Kim's missiles are pointed directly at me and I may or may not come home in half, or with 7 arms. But I see the bluff...............I'm not clairvoyant, but............I'll be OK.

Some Fun Facts about where I live and my life regarding this:

1) North Korea detonized a Nuclear Bomb underground in Korea on May 25-----My Birthday (which would explain the "green" rice and 12 legged octopus I've been living on)

2) North Korea has a supposed ship that has illegall weapons on it that's being trailed by the US John McCain (His Admiral Grandfather)...........The name of the ship from the North??????..............Kang Nam.............That's the name of my new hometown in Seoul exactly where I live here in Korea..............HMMMMM........................
At least I heard that Iran has been really such a peaceful place lately, and that they have some really sweet things going on over there..............Thank God. The world is such an AWESOME place.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back

Well, I'm back after my Internet was down for a month. I've had some serious good times; vacationing at Daecheon Beach for a few days and livin' the life. I've had some regular days just going to work and doing what it is I do over here. To be honest, I've missed writing regularly on my blog. Apparently, there are a couple of readers that have not posted themselves and made their curiosity known to me. Here's the thing, I really like to post if I have readers, but I don't care to spill my soul into a well that isn't searched. So, if you have previously looked upon my blog, and want some more..............let me know by adding a comment to this post. I have a lot to write about, but at the same time I don't want to waste anyone's time, especially my own. Korea is awesome. And at this point, I am a veteran to affairs. I just need some inspiration to keep me going. Hence, some beautiful and thoughtful readers like yourself.......................Post on..........