Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris' Korean Wedding Gig

Today is Saturday, the somthing of August, just another blazing hot and humid day in South Korea. My contract is up in November, and it seems miles and yet inches away. I can't wait to see my family and friends. I miss all of you so much.......

My gay friend Mathew took the time to videotape my performance at my friend's wedding last week so I thought I should show you guys. The sound is messed up, because my boy John and I were supposed to mix the two songs with backing vocals and lead vocals, but the Korean soundmixers didn't understand. So, basically it's me in front of 500 Koreans (my biggest and most lavish gig ever). If you listen carefully, you can hear me speaking Korean to everyone before and after the the way....the SECOND song is the one I was supposed to sing, it's called "Thank You" . I think the sound on the second song is better..........................................................Please let me know what you's a little piece of Korea that I'm sending home...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Korean Adventure

Last night I played a Korean wedding at Lotte Hotel. Lotte is the Donald Trump of Korea. He has eateries, candies, hotels, department stores, and whatever you can think of. The wedding was for my coworker Jennifer (She's Korean), and she had over 500 guests. The Hotel was the nicest and most swankiest I've ever been to, as was the wedding. The place was soo big that they actually had video monitering on all 4 walls, not unlike a huge concert. The food was delectable, and my friend John and I played a few songs. Of course, I spoke Korean to the guests before I played, and they loved it. And of course, I gave a nice little speech congratulating Jennifer which she loved. My voice was at its best, and many Koreans came to say that they liked the songs, which was cool.

I've never played in front of 500 people before.........But we sounded great. And after all, I will always remember that moment. I never imagined that I would be doing anything like this. And I never will forget it either..............................

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Han River Ferry Date

I just got back from the doctor and he had some serious news. Apparently, I have a really bad case of "Yellow Fever." But luckily last night I had somewhat of a cure. Her name is Susan, she is a beautiful Korean girl who lived in the States for 8 years, studied at Harvard, and enjoys screen writing and teaching.
Well, we hit it off, and I took her for a very romantic date to the Han River for a ferry ride and some Mul Nam Yan (Korean noodles in cold water with ice in a vinegar sauce). It's actually really good and it is a Korean Summer tradition to keep you cool as Seoul turns into a microwave attached to a blow dryer in the Summer.
Overall, we had great conversation and will meet for dinner during the week. She seems like a "keeper" and I'm feeling pretty good about life over here right now. Talk to you guys soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cookin' with Chris: Fresher than Fresh Curry Octupus

Anyonghaseyo, this morning my supervisor asked me what my plans were for next year, and if I wanted to stay another year with YBM. I told her that my contract is up right near Thanksgiving, and that I plan on having a very special However, she included that I could go home for a month and then come back to my position. I feel flattered that I am making an impact over here with my teaching, but at the same time, I feel that I miss American life too much. I told her that I was unsure, just to give her some buttering up to do, but in essence, my goal is to come home to America and fulfill what I've started as a really good teaching career....there.
If I have no choice after a long time when I get home and DON'T have a career opportunity, I will come back to Seoul and become "Professor Chris" due to the fact that I am one of the few that have obtained a Master's Degree in English among my fellow foriegner peers. Anyway...I can see it now......working 3 hours a day teaching English to beautiful 20 year old Korean women................and that's my contingency plan. has been me on that one....

My long day of teaching is done. There is nothing on the Korean "Tube" except the same movies that have been on since I originally got here, and I'm bored. I turned the channel and saw a cooking show on Octupus (or Octupi), and I figured out what I'm doing tonight. Making better Octupus than my Korean counterparts. This blog is pretty much for my Dad and Dan, and those of you who like seafood, but feel free to read on.

I went to the market around my block through the latest Monsoon (I think it rained 10 inches today) and braved the rain. I bought some vegtables (lettuce, onion, peppers, mushrooms and potatoes) and went directly to the seafood area. I picked up two small Octupus, and the guy there pointed out to a tank where there were some good looking Octupus swimming around. I signaled that I was interested and he picked two up and showed me how "healthy?" they They truly were as they wrapped themselves around his hand. So I took them home and set up shop..........right after I turned more into a Korean and bought scissors to cut my meat just like them.......let me tell you, scissors are very underated in the culinary world, at least in the West.
So, I sauteed my vegtables and potatoes in a spicy chilli powder, boiled my Octupi in a basil, oregano, and pepper broth, added some fresh curry mix and made my own concoction that was going to be the "Freshest" octopus I will ever have............and the tastiest......after all there will be many things I miss when I come back to the States.................
PS- As an English teacher, I'm pretty pissed that this Blog site does not let me use correct paragraphing
PS1-I'd like to thank "Ma Richter" for selflessly sending me her own camera to communicate my ubiquitous pictures back home. "Ma", I love ya,.....just don't send me anything're too kind......................

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seoul Chillin'

What's up guys? I really miss blogging lately although there is really nothing to say. I've just been chilling out here over the past few weeks, and I'm very conformed to my life right now. I love to cook, (right now I am cooking some huge prawn with some potato and vegtable stew). I went out Friday night and had to tell these Korean men that one of my girl friends was my sister, due to the fact that they were salivating over her. I'm watching some great American programs such as True Blood, South Park, and Family Guy. They make me feel as if I'm somewhat home. It's a good thing. I miss all of you tremendously, and I'll be home in about 3 months; which at this point I can do standing on my head after a very long 9 months over here. I'm still having a grand time, still have to give myself credit for doing this, but the toll of not seeing my beloved family and friends is really hard......Thank God that South Korea has been so awesome to me, because if it sucked from the "get go" at this point I would not be happy. No swimming pools in the summer, and the humidity and heat just flat out suck. But...........good people, great food, good friends, excellent experience.......................................................