Friday, January 30, 2009

Self-Induced Isolation

Another night without a voice. I have strained my voice and have not had it back in roughly a month. Teaching without a voice is like being a cop without a gun. Like a firefighter without a hose. You get the point. Anyway, I put myself into solitude in my small but luxurious shoebox. No talking is the only rule. Save the voice for next week's work. I saw an Ear Nose and Throat specialist yesterday. The good news. 15 minute wait. Gave me proper meds, and the visit and meds cost me 15 bucks. The lady at the counter apoligised because they charge a 2 dollar extra fee if you go there after 5 o'clock. I asked her "have you gone to a Specialist in America." Holy shit, they really got their Health Insurance down here. One of the best in the world. The down side? I had to get a straw-sized camera jammed up my nose and down my throat. Literally. Not fun, but I need to get my voice back. It has been a serious frustration for a while.

Self-induced solitude can be summed up in a great song called, "I am a Rock" by Simon and Garfunkel. Seriously, they nailed it on the head. Now, I am not depressed at all, rather on the opposite side (thank God). But some of these lyrics, especially the setting and backdrop really hit a nerve for me. Here are the lyrics:

"I am A Rock"
A winters day,In a deep and dark december;
I am alone, Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.I am a rock,I am an island.
Ive built walls,A fortress deep and mighty,
That none may penetrate.I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain.
Its laughter and its loving I disdain.I am a rock,I am an island.
Dont talk of love,But Ive heard the words before;Its sleeping in my memory.
I wont disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.
If I never loved I never would have cried.I am a rock,I am an island.
I have my books, And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.I am a rock,I am an island.

Like I said, this song to me is about Isolation, and not depression; As I used to teach this song to my high school students who were reading The Catcher in the Rye. After all, look at those awesome pictures of my Korean middle school students who I teach every morning. They make my day everyday.
And a rock feels no pain;And an island never cries.
P.S. And no, the sun is not shining really brightly inside my school, they're just Asian. God bless them. I love them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hanti Yok (Station) Bound

As I walk out from a long day of teaching from my building and onto the street, everything hits me like a ton of bricks. This city of blinding light and a million voices overcomes my sensations and it feels great. A million different senses alight as I take my usual 2o minute stroll home to Hanti Yok.

I see the small children reading a book and texting someone in the middle of a busy crosswork. Waiting recklessy to get smooshed on the street like I have almost seen happen many times. It used to bother me, but now I am numb to it. I see old men who take a second and perhaps even third look at me, the round eyed, bald-headed foreigner. Again, I am numb to it and invite the lookers on to my exoticness. I see a thousand Korean restaurants in one square block, and a Starbucks on every block. Here, you can get everything you need, especially food. This culture is obsessed with food and you can see people of all ages standing and eating all types of meats and noodles with the city street vendors near their portable bodegas. I see a thousand faces in an eye blink and realize how much I don't, and do actually fit in this Megapolis of dark-haired and dark-eyed faces.

As I walk past each block, a plethora of smells hit me. Never in this world, did I think that the smell of raw sewage mixed with car exaust and Kimchi Mandu could smell so wonderful! All these sights, smells, and sounds meld together to transform Seoul into my temporary home. It is a true taste of a slice that is my life right now. And life tastes good right now. That is for sure. That is absolutely for sure.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Date with Korean Angela

Well, my vacation is going great so far. I just got back from a date with a very tall, beautiful, funny, outgoing and English speaking Korean girl named Angela. We hit it off. I'm psyched. First, I took her to this authentic Korean restaurant. I had the seafood stew and successfully managed a spoon in my right hand and chopsticks in my left and went to work. It was "ma teets so" or delicious. Next we went to starbucks for some coffee and some very good conversation. She actually has a great sense of humor and a really nice smile. We laughed a lot which was a great way to start a a first date. I walked her to the subway and and asked to see her again and she happily said yes. I kissed her hand like the smooth charmer I am and she definitely liked that. Nice. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

P.S.-I almost soiled myself when I had her read the bill for me at dinner and she said 170,000 Won ($170). It was actually 20,000 won thank God. I told her that the food was good, but not that good and we had a good laugh and she said she was sorry for scaring

PPS- The Korean snow made this date very interesting and romantic. It is a date I will not soon forget. I went against my ambition and actually called her several hours after our date to say that I had a great time and that is was very nice to meet her. She loved the fact that I called, and I set up another date with her tomorrow. I am such a sucker. I really need to play "hard to get." But all I can think about is cooking her dinner. Why am I such a nice guy???I don't know......Maybe it will pay off in the long run.

Friday, January 23, 2009

700 Reasons to be Happy

Today is a day that I am truly happy. In the way that Walt Whitman talks in "The Song of Myself". It started with Bry calling me as soon as I woke up and telling me to install Skype: a free phone and video internet connection that makes me appreciate the internet sooo much more. I'ts actaully ridiculous. We can talk via video phone for free as long as we want, and the video quality is great. Who needs a landline? Who needs a phone card? Who is not willing to pay 50 bucks for a webcam that you can use indefinately as a video phone for free? I felt like I was sitting on Bry's couch and hanging out with my family (Dan and Renee also) and my best friends. It was amazing and so technologically significant.....

Also, this is the Korean Lunar New Year. That's right, I get to celebrate New Year's twice. Last night I went out with some coworkers and we did a whiskey drinkin' and darts night in Gangnam, the richest and most educated part of Seoul. It's also where I live, so do the math and see how I'm living over I just got back from the Korean market and it was PACKED with Koreans getting all the food and drink they could carry. They were so happy. As was I. Here are more reasons for my happiness:

Friendly English Speaking Fish Market Guy- Oh...Friendly English Speaking Fish Market Guy, you have made my day. I swear to God. Thank you sir, for not only being so friendly to me as I buy mass amounts of fresh octopus and prawn from you every week, but thank you for your kindness. In a hurried crowd of dozens of crazy Koreans trying to grab anything they can for their families in this feeding frenzy holiday, you have truly showed me happiness in it's simplicity. Thank you for coming up to me out of the blue as I was shopping and ask me how I was doing. In English. It made the sound to my ears like music in a chaotic era. The first Korean to recognize me as me, and enquire about my well being. Cheers. Happy Lunar New Year.

I am also thankful that my apartment is doing fine. When I came home for lunch yesterday, my landlord grabbed my arm and said "flood", and pointed to my apartment. He continued to show me my neighbor's apartment that had a huge hole in it and was being dug up. I cringed for the worst, and only hoped that my laptop and guitar were okay. They came in and started ripping up my tiles, only to find that my Shoebox was going to keep my shoelaces dry for a little while longer. It was the best lunch I had. I had expected the worst but got the best. Nice.

Also, my boss gave us each 100,000 Won for Lunar New Year. Yeah, it's Monopoly money, but it is actually worth something in Korea. Thank god.

I also am cooking up some expensive beef tonight to celebrate the Lunar New Year here in Seoul. I hope it is as good as I would like it to be. Hope is a simple word that I've come friendly with. It keeps all the world hoping. Without it, we are nothing.

"Hope gives man the tendency to dream, and with that dream comes acts of random kindness that change the world.".....................C.Richter


Today has been a day of many, many truths. I feel so humbled in my situation. I feel the feeling that I am a needle in a Korean haystack. That I am wanted, and unwanted. That I am free, but I am isolated. That I am one, but I am nothing. That I know everything, but I know nothing. That I feel life, though life feels me not. That I know love, but love knows me not. That taste is sweet, but I'm just tasting. But life is sweet, but I'm just wasting. I hold my grip, upon the tasting. And hope that all of this is passing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Asked for It Danny Boy (Rob Lowe)

OK Dan. This is a postable version of the comment Danny boy left on my blog. I do love when I get good comments, although not so much the ones that are racist towards my best friends and challenge my masculinity. So, being that this is infact my blog, I will thwart said comments and show the commentator my sword. Touchee Danny Boy. His comment is as follows:

"I see Dad is getting creative. That Confucious line was a gem! Love ya Dad. Was that an all day post? Hey Chris- Im surprised you didnt take the name "I-Nee-Ma-Mee"

Dan, I would have taken the name "I nee Mamee" but it was already taken by an older brother of mine that can't go two days without attaching the umbilical chord while pounding Dad's booze and making excuses to Renee about how your "helping" out at the In psychology class we have a name for that kind of subconcious action where we put on others what's really going on with our lives. Freud termed it "Transference."

PS-Now that I'm in Korea, there is an open bed in the house. Mom tells me you've been "eying" it up ever since I left and have been slowly hoarding your deodorant and razors into my bathroom, and day by day putting your clothes in my drawers like that dude from Shawshank Redemption. By the way, how far infact is the tunnel your digging from Patchogue to Holtsville? Just make sure you cover the hole in my bedroom floor before I come home...ok. Thanks.

PPS-I'm going to mail you the shells of the GINORMOUS prawn I plan on cooking tomorrow. The ultimate insult.........Call me!

PPPS-Danny, you are such a sick twisted bastard. Seriously. You should seek some help somewhere. And by somewhere I don't mean Mom's house. Sorry Buddy. I know you were hoping I would say that. Sorry dude. You can still hope though can't you????

Friday, January 16, 2009

Droppin' the Bomb

Well, my work week ended up with me dropping the Atomic Bomb at work. In a good way. We have the Annual Winter Gala coming up next month and the Korean teachers are freaking out. The "Gala" is where the students perform at the Daechi Cultural Arts Center here in Gangnam for their parents. Now, this is a big deal because the Academy I work for is pretty much a business more than it is a school. The parents pay some serious money for their sons and daughters to go to this school. After all, my school is the premium and largest (and therefor the best) English teaching school in all of Korea. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it as well. They hire only Americans to teach the students. My theory can be summed up in my assumption that Canadian and/or Europeans have an undesirable accent that the kids pick up on and it makes for an undesirable English speaking Korean. It's just a theory. I also believe that Alien technology has produced Kevlar, Fiber Optics, and Spam, so whatever.

So as the Korean teachers are freaking out and trying to plan some sort of intricate sketch or play for their students, I have been quietly sitting on the sidelines and waiting to drop my Hiroshima on the administration. Everyone has been asking me what I plan on doing with my students and why I have been so laxadaisical (spelling??). So today, on my two hour lunch break I went back to my apartment and learned this song that my students always like singing while they work (which is f-ing so amusing and genuine). I came back to work with my guitar, asked my administrator and director if it would be alright to have the students sing a few songs while I played guitar for the Winter Gala. Their faces lit up like I've never seen. They thought it was the best idea.

My students acted like they have never seen a musical instrument before. They each had to grab my pick and strum my guitar. They each reacted like it was the best damn thing they've ever done. It was hilarious and so awesome, except for the 5,000 little Korean fingerprints all over my The kids were so into it. So we practiced a few times and I wondered what they would be like in front of an actual audience. I understood that they infact are going to have to perform in front of about 300 people, so I knew I had to get them out of their "stagefright" and soon. Enter the auditorium and the "help". I dragged the kids down to the auditorium and brought my guitar. While I was going downstairs, the cleaning laidies and kitchen ladies saw me (they love me because I speak Korean to them and I'm very nice to them) and they smiled and said "Hey there, Mr. Guitar Man." So I told them to follow me for a concert. And they did. I'm like the American Pied Piper in Korea.

So the auditorium has 20 cleaning and kitchen ladies, and me and my class. I start to play and the kids start singing like little Korean angels. This one girl Alice (I can't play favorites as a teacher, but she's my favorite) was so freekin' adorable. She has the highest pitched voice but remembered every single word of the song perfectly. As we did the song, all the Korean kitchen ladies and cleaning ladies took out their cell phones and took pictures of me and my students. It was one of those unforgetable moments in my life that I don't think I infact could forget. It was great. Once again, when I picked up my guitar I turned into my alter-ego and just went with it. Everyone loved it and my Korean coworkers (girls of want me to serenade them. No problem. All in good time. All in good time.
Hence, the Administration loves me, as I will definitely make the parents happy with this one. Just doin' my job.
PS-By the way, can you even tell me that that Arnold picture up top is not f-ing the most funniest picture you have ever seen.......................I thought not. That's the face I have when my Korean students blow my mind.............They're such smart little bastards.............I love them all so much.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Korean Name

As I posted a few weeks ago, Koreans take or adopt an English name that they use when taking English lessons or working in a Western career or job. All of my Korean coworkers have chosen English names, and obviously the students are either given or pick their names. I've seen some pretty stupid names like Fount, and Foil????? I know, really cool if your into pens or medieval

So, my students asked me what my Korean name is jokingly. I told them that my chosen and new Korean name is 한국어. (Han-Suu-Lo). It roughly translates to Han Solo. So now they call me Han Solo teacher. Never a dull moment with these little

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cookin' with Chris (Korean Cuisine #17)

Sauteed Octopus in a Bulgoggi and Tabasco Marinade

Ahh. Sauteed Octopus. You don't get this stuff back home. The last two nights I have ventured into cooking Octopus. The first night, I went to the market and thought I had a steal when I saw this huge octopus for sale at what I thought was 2.90, it turned out that is was more like 29.90, so I returned it and got a few baby octopus' to bring back and throw in some authentic Korean noodles with a little bulgoggi and tabasco sauce. Good call. They tasted really good with that particular sauce and the size of their tentacles complimented the noodles. I actually found out that Octopus, albeit a little chewier than Squid, has about a quarter of the cholesterol. Interesting stuff.........I know.
The next night, (tonight), I bought a medium sized Octopus and the tentacles were pretty big, some the width of my fingers. I put that next to some pasta noodles and that's the finished platter picture up top with my tv remote waiting for me after a nice but long day teaching my Korean geniouses and hittting the gym.

PS-Dan, you would have been proud of me. The Octopus tonight was so fresh that when I cut it on my cutting board it wiggled and the suction cups still worked and seemed to put up a fight. Pretty crazy I know. What happened to my squimishness? I think I left it at Zimmerman would be proud.
PPS-Gomes, YES, that baby Octopus up top IS infact winking at you. When you come to visit it's gonna be all about the baby Octopus and pig-nose sandwiches with mustard....Your favorite.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Shoebox Shrimp Festival

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It's Sunday over here in Seoul and that means it's Shrimp Sunday in my Shoebox. I was pleasantly surprised and will make several family members envious as I have found the biggest shrimp I have ever laid eyes on. These things make my fingers look small, and keep in mind I have like 6 inch fingers. These shrimp are monsters, and I found them in this supermarket down the street. I am going to make them with some tomato sauce and pepper, and put them over some noodles. It will definitely keep my mind occupied as I am missing all of you very much.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Skladel's Have made Contact

Pat and Tommy,

I am so glad that you guys have made contact on my blog. I miss you guys, you are my brothers from another mother. Please keep the posts coming, and make sure that when you call me, you keep the 14 hour "ahead" time difference in mind. Tommy, as I've said, Congrats on the engagement. Patrick, I miss the Whiskey drinks and great conversation from a world traveler himself. Communication keeps us all going, so let's let the going keep on. Peace my brothers.

By the way, why don't you make a profile and post it on my blog. That would make me happy. It's not hard at all and you can talk to Paul or Bry about how to do it if you find difficulty. I wish you both the best with everything. Our BB Gun days will not be

Itaewon Journey: The Foreigner's Paradise

So today, being that I have Laryngitis and can't speak, I decided to repel all phone calls and go "HAN SOLO". I thought Itaewon might be a good place to go explore and it turned out well. For the layman, Itaewon is the "foreigner's paradise." A beautiful and disgusting place all rolled into one Kimbab Roll. This place has every Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, and any other race creed , color tinte or hue strolling through it's streets. The U.S. Army Base is very close and I have not seen so many African-Korean-Americans since back home in New York. I think Koreans are very scared of AM's . Koreans are infact very racist, especially if your skin is darker than theirs is.

It was nice to see so many English speaking people. Kind of trippy. Round eyes, colored hair, accents, wow. It kind of helped and hurt me. I realized what I miss, and also realize that there is a place to come to when I'm feeling too Asian. They have Rock music playing through the streets, and every person that works at a restaurant knows how to speak English pretty well. Apparently there is some sort of "Red Light" District around there too. But I just picked up some clothes that fit me, and some Quizznos sandwiches. I have a date with a girl from Krygstan next week. What and where the hell is Krygstan?????? I guess I'll find

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Great Korean Ripoff / Food Price Confusion

Ok, well as much as I love the Korean food here and am trying to eat healthy, I was talking to some friends at work and they said that Mr. Pizza (a very cheesy name (no pun intended) was the best place to get pizza). I had seen a commercial on one of my few English channels that I get in my apartment and it looked pretty damn good. Now, I am used to the best damn pizza in the world..New York baby. And the craving came on. It's Friday night over here now and I unwillinglly chose to stay in due to Laryngitis. I decided to come home after a very long week of teaching my awesome and somewhat energy-draining students. These kids, I love them so much, they make my day everyday, but at the same time they are such a HANDFUL. And let me tell you, teaching without a voice has truly freakin' drained me. My authority is off, my creativeness is off, and I am so pissed about it. I guess the only good thing is that I feel OK. I don't feel sick. I just can't speak. And every time I get my voice back, as soon as I start teaching, It goes. A vicious circle. I need to keep these kids in line, and to be able to break open new ideas to them. It's not happening. SO, I decided that I will not talk for the whole weekend so that next week I may have my voice; because I cannot do another week like this. It's driving me crazy.

Back to the food confusion. Korea has it's crazy mentality on what certain foods should cost. For example: I had a two hour break inbetween classes today, so I thought I would go around the corner to this authentic Korean restaurant that I go to with my American coworkers sometimes. They serve up some serious shit. I ordered a seafood bulgoggi, very interesting let me tell you; A big plate of rice, smothered in vegtables, smothered in Octopus (moon-o), and it had a fried egg on top. The plate was huge, one of the best meals I had since I've been here, and it cost WON 4,500. Almost equal to $4.50. Almost because the Korean Won dropped like virgins panties on their wedding But I won't get into that rant now.

So I order the pizza and pay WON 20,000. Equal to roughly 20 bucks. My expectations you may ask? A good meal tonight, and hopefully some fridge food for tomorrow. What did I get you may ask? Domino's Pizza would laugh at this shit. Seriously. I am not kidding. The girl handed me a box that could hold TWO slices in it.........I really need to learn some serious shit about Korean food. I've found this out the hard way with Mexican food too, although not so bad.

So, after this babble, I think that my best option is to eat gourmet Korean food from this great restaurant, and not cook or even think about western food. Unfortunately, cooking is therapuetic for me, and my tastes change from time to time. HOLY SHIT. I am becoming obsessed with food like every single Korean here. Please help

P.S- You can tell by the picture that that is a really f-ing small pie. I know I am a big guy but.........come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lunchtime in Seoul

I recently took the plunge into eating lunch with some Korean co-workers and I am absolutely loving it. It has many benefits, and few cons. Lunch at my Academy is at 12:35. I have 3 classes before that, and I get pretty hungry and look forward to it for a few reasons. First of all, the culture is great. Some of my American coworkers go out together and buy some food from a nearby restaurant that serves much Ramen Noodle. Ramen is very big over here, but I have had a lifetime of Ramen Noodle in my college days. I'd like to think I stepped up in the
So, I came to Korea to eat authentic Korean food with beautiful Korean women. Period (the period is for you Pops).

So, I go downstairs to the auditorium/cafeteria and meet my really beautiful, outgoing, genuinely great coworker (name outstanding) for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is so friendly and won't stop talking. Pretty much my other half except she is beautiful, full head of hair, and a great body (I can dream can't I?). Of course, as with all things in my life there is a catch---She is engaged. Lucky f-ing Korean guy, let me tell you.

Anyway, so as soon as we arrive we get these trays that have multiple containers. I'ts basically a rectangular bowl with divisions in it. Koreans eat many side dishes for a meal versus the American "meat and one side" idea. So this is intended to grab a little of each. And remember, Koreans eat everything in proportion, so they eat as much meat as they do soup, rice (bap), veggies, and whatever. It's basically a cornacopia of side dishes. And remember, eating in Korea is like sex in western culture. They are obsessed with it constantly.

So, as today my American coworkers got Burger King or whatever, I sat with 2 really cool Korean girls and had the best authentic Korean food and great conversation comparing cultures. the food was sooo good. Rice is served with every meal and it has black beans in it and it's soo sticky that using my chopsticks to grab it is like playing my guitar. Second nature. There was Kimchi (fermented cabbage and the healthiest food on the planet), a slimy noodle mixed with garnish (Bry if you're reading this, you will be the ONLY American that appreciates slimy noodle for what it truly is/Maybe Jamie Deitz as well). The best, and for me my MAIN dish was the Moon-O (Octopus) marinated in hot sauce and sauteed!!! The cool thing is that since you're using chopsticks, you really get to take you're time and enjoy the small amounts you give yourself every time. There is always a spoon available, so if I'm in a rush, I turn into the U-nourmous American that I am and use the But I like to impress my Korean coworkers, so that is rarely the case.

The con would be that after teaching raging and crazy Korean kids for a few hours, they are also in the cafeteria and constantly coming up to me and making it like they've never seen me before. Even though I just taught them for a few hours. They are very loud. As all kids are. I find it so funny how in Korea the students have to actually bring their finished plates in front of their teacher to see if they are done or not. If a Korean teacher thinks that they have not had their "healthy" fill, they must finish it. Pretty comparable to American lunch rooms....yeah...pass the cookies and greasy What a Frickin' trip it is over here. Let me tell you.

Best part is that lunch is free for Teachers. Definitely beats those Slopp Sloppy Joes back

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rant and Rave

O.K. Y'all,

I need to rant and rave right now. I feel that I am privelaged to do so now that I've been here for almost two months. The good, the bad, the ugly. I have seen it all. There is so much good here in Korea. I truly love this place and the craziness it has done to my reality. After all, doesn't reality need to be tested every few years. What would it be like without a true test of time and space? Conformity grows upon us all, but changing that bottom line routine of life that we all get accustomed to is such a great thing. I know that there are many people I know and have come across that have been doing the same Goddamn thing for decades or more. Routine becomes comfort, comfort becomes routine; throw an ax in the mix for once and a while, and we see how things really are. For example, my life before this was a complacent and yet unglorified life of the Long Island suberbs and unemployment. Even though I had experience and a Master's Degree, I couldn't get a job teaching. Ironic, yes, especially as an unemployed English Well, my whole life and everything I know was left at J.F.K..........A 21 hour plane ride and a different culture, language, place, job, and future was what I finally found after taking what I refer to as a "Ballsy" move. Whether I feel so now or not, this was the best move of my life. Here is the "rant" and here is the "rave". Funny how the word rave finally sunk into my brain.

Rant- The rant includes the shock of the culture. For instance, the recycling. I have never been a true fan of recycling. Here, it is basically the only thing that you better do all day or you're landlord will kill you. I have had some death threats. When I first got here I was actually throwing out "garbage;"You know, plastic, glass, food, liquids ect. Here, it is at the utmost importance that you throw each into a different bag that needs to be seperated by your landlord. Which means my landlord goes through all my shit. Poor bastard. It's quite annoying. You can't throw away any food waste that may be helpful and edible by livestock. You must clean out your dirty salsa bottle when to be disposed. These guys are f-ing Nazis about the whole procedure. I really don't like it. I think that these guys know every little detail about my poor and overfed life. I have been yelled at by my Nazi landlord for not putting the right waste in the right bag. He was nice enough to tell me in Korean how to do things, but guess what, I didn't understand a word as he was mimicking different bags and places. By the way, when you don't really understand a language, mimicking really doesn't work. I've tried it.

Rave- I want to rave about the students I am teaching and the job I have. It is tops! These little Korean students are so smart, so cute, and so curious to learn. They make my day everyday, and I've actually taken the job as serious as I can. I do a lot of prep work, and I make sure I edit every single thing they write in their notebooks. They are so impressionable, and they truly like Chris Teacher. I actually come home from work and analize my mind and outline the details of successes and failures of my students. Which ones are verbal, which ones are better writing, which ones are shy but skilled, which ones are duds. I have them all, but I love them all. Yes, even the duds. Because the duds are still smarter for trying to learn another language and failing, than American students who don't even try back home. Which is many. I know.

There's so much more positive than negative over here. I really miss all my family and friends so much that it impacts my sleeping and reality. However, I am truly living over here. I am on my own. I am making things happen. I am bettering myself. I am not sure that could be the possibility back home at this particular moment. My wings are spread and I am flying. The breeze feels good upon my face.

Oh yeah,............please post something if you care about me. I'm not gonna be a little baby about it but it only takes a few moments to show me you actually give a damn about me. Write something. I know you know how to use a keyboard and internet. I'm all alone over here and I could use your friendly words of "hello" or "I'm actually reading your blog every once in a while." You know, communication.....after all, that's what it is all about right...........................................................................................................................................................................

PS-If I see another Jackie Chan movie on Korean TV I am going to commit Harry Carry (Japanese sword through the gullet for the layman)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Post To All

Wow! It was really great talking to everyone on the phone. Bry, sorry about the phone bill. I'll pay you back when I get home...hahahaha.........Yeah right! Great to talk to the Shea's. Good people. Good people. Proud of all my cousins. So smart and so awesome. Dan keep up the good work and graduate. Stay out of trouble. Kelly, you're gonna be an awesome teacher. Nice moves with the backup in Special Ed. Erin, you are definitely 13 going on 30. You are so cute and smart. I loved your questioning techniques. You were so genuinely interested in what I am doing over here, I loved it. Mo and Dan, congratulations on a wonderful family. They come from good stock after all. I miss you guys.

PS- I didn't mean to offend anyone who's picture I didn't post on my last post. I love you all equally and absolutely. I just don't have pics of EVERYONE. Also Mom, you and I hate our pics so I keep them to a minimum. Please don't be offended, I didn't want to make you upset. I know, that's a tall Love you Mom. You're the best.

Bry, I hope you're taking Shadow very soon. My pup needs to see her sister Sasha. I appreciate it man. And of course I'll pay you for the dog food when I return from my mission over here. YEAH Take care of Devbot and Pillowhead and the Shrank.

Dan and Renee, I hope you and the girls are good. Renee, I hope your'e keeping Dan in line. We both know how he needs it. You poor

Chip and Andrea, Happy New Year in Texas. I hope all is well with you and the girls. Keep in touch.

Everyone else, Happy New Year from Seoul!!!!!

Tommy, if you're reading this, congratulations on you're Engagement! By the way, a phone is something you pick up and call your supposed best friend in another country when big events happen like that. Scan for sarcasm..........................................................................................................................................................Sarcasm scanning....................Now. Found it????? Give me a call you bastard. Congrats and best wishes.

Anyong Haseyo! Anio Hashimnikka? Ne...........Bye.

I miss my dysfunctional yet lovable family. Period.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Hey Guys,

Wishing a very Healthy and Happy New Year to my parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, neices, cousins, uncles, aunts and everyone I miss right about now. I am doing very well. I love it here and this was the best decision I've ever made. I am truly becoming a man...hahaha.

Seoul is very cold this time of year. A little like New York but way colder at night. I've been talking to some good friends on the phone, which has made me very happy. I'm lucky to have such good friends and family. Right now there is some crazy guy outside my apartment with a megaphone selling t.v's. It sounds like when the Germans were evacuating in WWII. I have no idea what he's saying but I'm pretty

Anyway, so I am seeing a few different Asian girls right now and their pretty nice and interesting. Like I said, Seoul has been good to me.

The other day I ventured out to cook some fish and rice (authentic and healthy Asian cuisine) and had a horrible cooking adventure. First off, never buy a fish unless you know what the hell it is. I saw what looked like a decent fish and asked the guy if he could fillet it. I motioned my hands cutting the fish and pointed at him like---you do it. AAAH, he said. When I got back to my apartment and opened the baggie, there were bones and spine sticking out of what I hope will not deter my love for fish. So I added a little olive oil in my new frying pan, marinated the fish in some bulgoggi sesame sauce, and smelt up my shoebox for two days. The smell of the fish was so bad that I threw it out. I think I will just go back to my chicken, shrimp, vegtables and rice specialty dish. One thing that is surprising here is that it truly is cheaper to go out to a restuarantand get a 3 course meal than it is to cook the basics at home. Problem is, is that I'm trying to eat healthy, and I absolutely love to cook at home after work. It's very therapeutic for me. I guess there could be worse things in my life right now. Anways, I hope everyone has fun over Bry's house this weeken. Happy New Year.