Friday, January 23, 2009


Today has been a day of many, many truths. I feel so humbled in my situation. I feel the feeling that I am a needle in a Korean haystack. That I am wanted, and unwanted. That I am free, but I am isolated. That I am one, but I am nothing. That I know everything, but I know nothing. That I feel life, though life feels me not. That I know love, but love knows me not. That taste is sweet, but I'm just tasting. But life is sweet, but I'm just wasting. I hold my grip, upon the tasting. And hope that all of this is passing.


Anonymous said...

confusius say "what are you telling us, good day bad day ?"

Dan said...

Chris cool poem. Nice contrast. Did you talk to bry about the web-cam. It is sick. Dan