Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Date with Korean Angela

Well, my vacation is going great so far. I just got back from a date with a very tall, beautiful, funny, outgoing and English speaking Korean girl named Angela. We hit it off. I'm psyched. First, I took her to this authentic Korean restaurant. I had the seafood stew and successfully managed a spoon in my right hand and chopsticks in my left and went to work. It was "ma teets so" or delicious. Next we went to starbucks for some coffee and some very good conversation. She actually has a great sense of humor and a really nice smile. We laughed a lot which was a great way to start a a first date. I walked her to the subway and and asked to see her again and she happily said yes. I kissed her hand like the smooth charmer I am and she definitely liked that. Nice. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

P.S.-I almost soiled myself when I had her read the bill for me at dinner and she said 170,000 Won ($170). It was actually 20,000 won thank God. I told her that the food was good, but not that good and we had a good laugh and she said she was sorry for scaring

PPS- The Korean snow made this date very interesting and romantic. It is a date I will not soon forget. I went against my ambition and actually called her several hours after our date to say that I had a great time and that is was very nice to meet her. She loved the fact that I called, and I set up another date with her tomorrow. I am such a sucker. I really need to play "hard to get." But all I can think about is cooking her dinner. Why am I such a nice guy???I don't know......Maybe it will pay off in the long run.

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