Saturday, January 10, 2009

Itaewon Journey: The Foreigner's Paradise

So today, being that I have Laryngitis and can't speak, I decided to repel all phone calls and go "HAN SOLO". I thought Itaewon might be a good place to go explore and it turned out well. For the layman, Itaewon is the "foreigner's paradise." A beautiful and disgusting place all rolled into one Kimbab Roll. This place has every Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, and any other race creed , color tinte or hue strolling through it's streets. The U.S. Army Base is very close and I have not seen so many African-Korean-Americans since back home in New York. I think Koreans are very scared of AM's . Koreans are infact very racist, especially if your skin is darker than theirs is.

It was nice to see so many English speaking people. Kind of trippy. Round eyes, colored hair, accents, wow. It kind of helped and hurt me. I realized what I miss, and also realize that there is a place to come to when I'm feeling too Asian. They have Rock music playing through the streets, and every person that works at a restaurant knows how to speak English pretty well. Apparently there is some sort of "Red Light" District around there too. But I just picked up some clothes that fit me, and some Quizznos sandwiches. I have a date with a girl from Krygstan next week. What and where the hell is Krygstan?????? I guess I'll find

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