Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Silent Majority Needs to Step Up

To my family and friends who are looking at my blog but NOT posting their feelings and comments. Shame on Please keep me informed that you are infact keeping tabs on me. I like that and it really makes me feel at home. I know who you Keep me in the loop of your love and friendship and make a profile, and/or make comments to my postings. Although I am having the time of my life over here, I still get lonely and want to know how you are doing. Man up and post please.........................

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Seoul (Seoul Tower Expedition)

Merry Christmas. I really can't believe it infact is Christmas. I have so many emotions running through me. It is very surreal, yet I know this will be a Christmas to stand out from all others. That I believe, is a very good thing.

Tonight, I took this girl Hong-Lee to Seoul Tower. She's pretty into me, but we'll see what happens. Seoul Tower must be the Tourist Mecca of the City. It was really nice. I got to ride in a cable car and walk up 1000 steps. The view was amazing, although some of the pics have some snow in the lens. The place was littered with beautiful Korean girls making out with their boyfriends. I guess it is the place to go and see the city.

Hong-Lee came back to my apartment and we drank Soju and listened to Christmas songs. Overall a good time and some good pics. It still really doesn't feel like Christmas after all this trying. To me, I guess family is where the Holiday Spirit truly exists and is enveloped. I miss every single on of you. But, I wouldn't change where I am at this point in my life. Korea is doing wonderful things to me. I love it. So----Why don't you all fly here for the Holiday and it will be
"An eye for an eye will make us all blind"-Mahatma Ghandi

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas(HO, HO, Xing-Ho)

Wow! What a great day. Today was my last day of work before the Holidays. Last night I had a blind date that went pretty well, although I'm not sure if I'll see her again. Her name is Hong Lee and she definitely liked my guitar playing. It was fun, but we'll see what happens; no worries. It's just good to be out in the dating scene. To be honest, It's just good to be here. I am loving life over here. I am truly living. Even the small moments just make life so much more glorified over here. I am learning the Korean language and every single Korean I speak to tells me that I am doing very well with the pronuncitation. I think I'm using my skill of listening to music and repeating it into the language. It works for me. Anio hashimnikka? (How are you?) Cho I yo (I am fine).

So, guess who they asked to play 200 plus pounds of 6 foot tall Santa? My four foot 60 pound Korean co-worker you may say. NO. Me. That's right. I had to come in a few hours early and put on a Santa outfit and give gifts to small Korean kids. That may sound like a chore for some people, but I must tell you-It actually Made my whole Holiday experience. To see the faces of these kids as I gave them unourmous gifts (which I assume their parents bought and sent to my work). By the way, do you think I didn't play Santa with full steam. I was singing, dancing, and going crazy with these kids. My bosses and supervisors were loving me. After all, I am a really huge, 29 year old kid. That's what I've come to realize over the past month. But, if I hear those Christmas Carols again I will probably shoot myself.

So, after work we had our annual Christmas Party at this authentic Korean restaurant. It was a BBQ in front of your face. You take the bbq'd Pork and put it in a leaf of lettuce and then put sauteed onions, Kimchi, and any sauce you choose and make a wrap. Not unlike the Asian Wraps I used to make back home Dad. The best part is, is that my boss not only paid for everything, he gave us free reign to go drink about the city with my Korean co-workers afterwards...on his dime... Beautiful. We had a pretty good time as the pics will show.

Merry Christmas to the ones I hold dear to my heart. May God bless all. Love and Peace from Seoul.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kite (Cover)

Wow, Talk about a good day. I was so pissed that I couldn't post my video of my version of "Kite: Live from the Shoebox" but when I came back from work, it magically posted after 12 hours of trying to get posted and waiting for a moving circle to stop. I guess it's the magic of the Holidays..hmmm. Anyway, this song is a song that represents just exactly how I feel at this particular moment in my life. That is the true beauty of music. It truly represents. And yes, the camera really adds 20 pounds to my face. Unbelievable. Son of a....

This goes out to my phenomenal family and friends.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Youtube Nowhere (Sorry)

Hello all,

I'm in the process of becoming a Youtube Superstar although my computer knowledge is dredging me down. Or it's just luck. I don't know. Bry needs to step up and help me out with this. I have a great song waiting for everyone; the technology is wearing me down. Anyway, Chip and Andrea, it is great to hear from you and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday with those beautiful girls. You are truly blessed and I had a great time seeing you guys over the Summer. Chip, I understand, finally, what it is like to leave you're family to do something far away to become who you need to become. I respect it, and I'm coming to a realization that I never had. I miss you, and we will all be together sometime soon.

Anyways: I'm back online. Thank God for the "vein" that the internet truly is. I have broken the communication barrier. It was not easy to get a Korean to come to my apartment and get this thing back online. The guy actually had the wrong address to my shoebox and wanted to come back tomorrow because he was getting off. I sternly said "anio" you need to do this right now, I've been waiting all day for you. It only took him an hour and a half to get my net on, and he's going to have to come by tomorrow to fix something. I felt bad for this guy; he was complaining about being so tired and was frustrated. Long hours in Korea (to the Korean and not American English teacher) are very long indeed. Poor bastard. I tipped him well and made sure he was infact coming back. I'ts really good to have this opportunity once again to write. I've missed it. Here is a little something I wrote a while back but couldn't post:

The Korean People

The Korean people. The Korean people are a beautiful race. I am overwhelmed and very happy that I chose to come to Korea for this life-changing and epic journey. Where do I begin? Well, first off, I had always hoped that the Korean people would be nice, or somewhat tolerable. They are very complex, yet easily understandable. They are a homogeneous mix; meaning that the whole country pretty much is black-haired, dark-eyed, and not as tall as westerners. The physicality’s of the men and women are pretty much the same for both genders. Five-foot something, skinny, and absolutely mild tempered. When I decided to come here I hoped that they would be accommodating and easygoing. I was wrong in my thinking. They are very accommodating and easygoing. Always smiling. And forever trying to make me happy. From the President of the school I work at picking me up at the airport on a Saturday night and taking me out to a very cultural Korean meal, to my female co-worker going out of her way to pick me up medicine when I was sick. On her twenty-minute break. Unbelievable. How sweet.

As far as aesthetics go, the attitude of happiness at all times blends itself so easily into the white skin of this race. These people are happy and beautiful and always polite. Anyonghaseyo (the Korean word for hello) is basically yelled at me from every employee at every place I’ve gone to every single time I’ve entered. They bow. They receive your money with two hands. They give you something with the left hand tucked into their right elbow pit. They say goodbye the same way you’ve entered. Loud. Without self-awareness or pride. I like that.

Men- Men in Korea are very cool. Cooler than I thought. Somewhat Westernized, and welcoming to a foreigner. I’ve heard a lot of stereotypes before I came here about Korean men thinking that you’ve come here to take their women, land and jobs. I have been happily bowed to and said “hello” to by male children, teens, adults, and old men. I am frequently encountered by men that ask me where I’m from, or try to speak English to me. I love it, and return the politeness absolutely, as I am a stranger in a strange land that is not my own. Do unto others.

The dress style for men has actually grown on me. The younger men in school wear a lot of school uniform type things with the logo of their school on the left chest area. They wear their hear long, and I can understand why one of my students said, “Chris teacher, you are bald, why don’t you wear a wig?” I can’t make this shit up. It’s so entertaining and so innocent at the same time. I call it innocent ignorance. I feel it everywhere I go and it doesn’t bother me. I smile.

Women- I got it bad for these Korean women. Beautiful from the inside out. No phoniness. No bullshit. No games (yet). The real deal. Accommodating in every way. Sweet. They ask you questions that they want to know the answer to. When you walk into a room that they are walking out of they let you go before them at all times. I’m not a misogynist (Paul, careful where you use that word buddy…lol). I have been raised by my parents to respect women, and everyone for that matter. I take no first-class-citizen-as a-male-approach to life. But it is very nice. Especially when I’ve seen my share of American “bitches.”(sorry ladies and bitches from my former past) After all, “When in Rome.”

To add it up: Korean women know how to take care of men, and find it as what seems to be their duty. Once again, I like that. I think women in general are God’s gift to men. Korean women just have a nice bow on top of the package, and it’s the gift you’ve prayed for Santa to bring you from August to December 25th. Anyongheekaseyo and Hallelujah (yeah, I’ve finally spelled it correctly.) Love and peace from Seoul.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey everyone,

All is well and I will be posting my debut Youtube performance of that song that I've been talking about. I think everyone is going to like it. I recorded it on my Webcam and the audio is actually pretty good. You'll hear and see it soon. Every good Rock Star knows to keep his audience waiting in's what they tell me at least.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays (ㅗ메ㅔㅛㅙㅣㅑㅇ묜)

Well, Korea is very awesome and I'm taking my sweet time exploring and having the time of my life. Last night I took two lovely ladies to a HUGE movie theater in Gangnam. It's 10 stories and pretty crazy. I saw the movie Australia. Um, obviously not by choice, being that it was the only Engrish movie in the twin tower sized movie theater. The movie was alright, but I will definitely not take up my precious time or blog space to write home about it. Hollywood is pretty predictable. The Koreans, however, can't get eneough of this shit and practically jumped out of their seats when Hugh Jackman shaved his face (Koreans are all about clean shaven people). Hence, my seventy somewhat square inches of shaved everything from the neck up. Afterwards, I had a great time meeting up with my friends from work and going out until 6 in the morning. Good times, good people. I'm pretty much blocking out the holiday season in my mind due to the fact that I can't be with my family. I am however, not unhappy at all and I really am having a great time and experience. Well, it is pretty hard to forget the holidays when I'm preparing my students for a Holiday play and musical. There's a part in "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" that goes-"Please bring us some figgy pudding". I've given up on trying to correct them and just let them sing it as they do with a pretty big grin on. They sing it like this----"Please bring us some fucking pudding, please bring us some fucking pudding, please bring us some fucking pudding and a big cup of cheer." Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra. I'ts so hard not to like this place. Happy holidays to all the ones I love.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIN-ManBearPig will return!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Listen and Remember

To my beloved family. I miss you all tremendously but am having the experience that I so desperately searched for. Please do me the favor and listen to this song on

It is one that I have written about and documented. It is one that everyone from my parents to my nephews and neices will appreciate and truly enjoy. I just learned it on guitar and it is what my heart is truly saying to the ones I love. Please take the time to listen to it. I promise it is addicting; as all good music is.

U2----Kite (live in Boston) Type that in on (for the laymen)

Love and peace from the Seoul Survivor. I'm doing this thing.

Faruckin frustrated incorporated

I am going crazy trying to post in Korean. I have a really nice peice that I cannot post, and this really helpful Korean person is not as helpful as I would like. I really want to get my blog rolling and I am furuckin frustrated.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Danny Boy

Alright. Hello everyone and especially Dan; my crazy and uncontrollably lovable brother. What a character. Those comments you made have made my day (of course using Dad's password being that you think the word pentium refers to a car you drove in the 80's). If I haven't made it effeciently clear that I'm going to rip on your computer skills, just wait longer. I miss you Dan. I miss the laughs, I miss the fun, I miss you trying to sing as I play guitar. I miss the way you try to talk to me as an older brother and always have my best interests in mind. I miss the cooking, the sushi, the shrimp, the beer and all those great times we've had. Don't worry, when you come to visit me in Seoul it will all take shape. I promise to take you to a noraebang (karaoke) so you can show the Korean people what a true rock star sounds like. You are the man. Always remember: "The best way to get a good look up a cow's ass is through it's rectum. Take the butcher's word for it.....ah....I'm retarded."

P.S.- Everyone, I should have my internet this week and then it's ON.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hey everyone,

I am doing well and just hitting the grindstone at work. My internet is down so I can only use the one at work in English. Thanks for the emails and blog posts. They are all great and help me out tremendously. Keep em' coming. Love and peace from Seoul.