Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays (ㅗ메ㅔㅛㅙㅣㅑㅇ묜)

Well, Korea is very awesome and I'm taking my sweet time exploring and having the time of my life. Last night I took two lovely ladies to a HUGE movie theater in Gangnam. It's 10 stories and pretty crazy. I saw the movie Australia. Um, obviously not by choice, being that it was the only Engrish movie in the twin tower sized movie theater. The movie was alright, but I will definitely not take up my precious time or blog space to write home about it. Hollywood is pretty predictable. The Koreans, however, can't get eneough of this shit and practically jumped out of their seats when Hugh Jackman shaved his face (Koreans are all about clean shaven people). Hence, my seventy somewhat square inches of shaved everything from the neck up. Afterwards, I had a great time meeting up with my friends from work and going out until 6 in the morning. Good times, good people. I'm pretty much blocking out the holiday season in my mind due to the fact that I can't be with my family. I am however, not unhappy at all and I really am having a great time and experience. Well, it is pretty hard to forget the holidays when I'm preparing my students for a Holiday play and musical. There's a part in "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" that goes-"Please bring us some figgy pudding". I've given up on trying to correct them and just let them sing it as they do with a pretty big grin on. They sing it like this----"Please bring us some fucking pudding, please bring us some fucking pudding, please bring us some fucking pudding and a big cup of cheer." Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra. I'ts so hard not to like this place. Happy holidays to all the ones I love.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIN-ManBearPig will return!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Chris.... I miss you too. I had an awesome b-day at Dave and Busters. Shot lots of badguys. I got a DS from Nan and Pop. It's awesome, too. I love you and miss you.

Uncle Chris and Devin... forever