Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas(HO, HO, Xing-Ho)

Wow! What a great day. Today was my last day of work before the Holidays. Last night I had a blind date that went pretty well, although I'm not sure if I'll see her again. Her name is Hong Lee and she definitely liked my guitar playing. It was fun, but we'll see what happens; no worries. It's just good to be out in the dating scene. To be honest, It's just good to be here. I am loving life over here. I am truly living. Even the small moments just make life so much more glorified over here. I am learning the Korean language and every single Korean I speak to tells me that I am doing very well with the pronuncitation. I think I'm using my skill of listening to music and repeating it into the language. It works for me. Anio hashimnikka? (How are you?) Cho I yo (I am fine).

So, guess who they asked to play 200 plus pounds of 6 foot tall Santa? My four foot 60 pound Korean co-worker you may say. NO. Me. That's right. I had to come in a few hours early and put on a Santa outfit and give gifts to small Korean kids. That may sound like a chore for some people, but I must tell you-It actually Made my whole Holiday experience. To see the faces of these kids as I gave them unourmous gifts (which I assume their parents bought and sent to my work). By the way, do you think I didn't play Santa with full steam. I was singing, dancing, and going crazy with these kids. My bosses and supervisors were loving me. After all, I am a really huge, 29 year old kid. That's what I've come to realize over the past month. But, if I hear those Christmas Carols again I will probably shoot myself.

So, after work we had our annual Christmas Party at this authentic Korean restaurant. It was a BBQ in front of your face. You take the bbq'd Pork and put it in a leaf of lettuce and then put sauteed onions, Kimchi, and any sauce you choose and make a wrap. Not unlike the Asian Wraps I used to make back home Dad. The best part is, is that my boss not only paid for everything, he gave us free reign to go drink about the city with my Korean co-workers afterwards...on his dime... Beautiful. We had a pretty good time as the pics will show.

Merry Christmas to the ones I hold dear to my heart. May God bless all. Love and Peace from Seoul.


Renee and Dan said...

chris loves jackie testing

Renee and Dan said...

sorry bro ..testing ..david wont care

Renee and Dan said...

love you merry Christmas hope you are having fun. Great video man. keep going. Love Dan PS miss you when you get back in 8 months and tell me about the recent Vcong attacks at the Hotel. X11 Duck and cover----No dont eat the ....quaff...roll over..release..ok ..call mom ..tell her about your rough times..Merry Christmas Chris-Love Dan

Chris said...


You are a misinformed crazy bastard. let me tell you dude. Crazy. Absurd. I like that.