Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lord Don't Slow Me Down.....

After losing my voice for half the time I've been here, I've decided that I will record anything that pops into my head. This is a great song that kind of sums up my life at this point.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, for those of you still reading my blog and posting, I will let you know that it is so appreciated. These last 6 months have been the best of my life. I am in love with the life I am living over here. I have finally found my inner Zen. My days consist of the most crazy and unexpected adventures. I look forward to seeing my students every day. The food here is unbelievable. Last night I picked out a fish and had Sushi in the same five minutes. My friends enjoyed some buttered bugs. Silkworm larvai that made my skin crawl. I eat many interesting things; but bugs are my limitation. Also, my friend ate a fish heart. As much as I love food, especially seafood, I have my "Dont's."

I miss all of you, but I really feel that I am in "Paradise'. These people are so heartwarmingly friendly, and although I am the only six foot bald guy in this country, I feel that I am so welcomed in every step I walk. I love it. The women are absolutely beautiful, the men are friendly, and I love teaching the Korean kids English every day. They are making so much progress, and I have myself to thank for that (not being arrogent I swear). It seems I have found my calling. It just sucks that I'm 8,000 miles from the people that I can't live without. Irony..........She's such a bitch she is............................

This link is to a great song that I'm "Feeling" right now.

SuperChip----In The Studio

This is from last week. My band's very short documentary. I've been trying to post the final version of the song. I guess it will come soon. I hope,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy......Teacher's Day???

I was pleasantly surprised to come to work today and find out that May 15 is Teacher's Day. When I arrived at my office, there were presents on my desk from some of my students. When I went to my first class, my students showered me with gifts and I had to wrestle with them to calm them down. I was literally tackled and hugged be 10 students at once.

Teachers are considered very high on the respect level in Korea, especially English teachers. I was told by a few people that they're considered more importan than doctors. Pretty interesting. One parent requested a meeting with me on my lunch break. I obliged. She bought me a power drill for teacher's day and because I was sick for a few days last week. A power drill???? She also insisted that her and her husband and her son take me out to dinner in the next few weeks. I could'nt say no. It's definitely a trip over here........Here are some of my presents:

A power drill
A year supply of Vitamin C
2 roses
1 sunflower
Movie tickets
An umbrella
Socks (designer)
handkerchiefs (designer)
A nut cake
Tea made of dried flowers from a very famous mountain in Korea (which I wont' drink)

I wish I knew where some good pawn shops were around

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Chip/Paul

I've been pretty sick as my later blogs have shown, but I just want to give a late Happy Birthday to my brother Chip...........AKA Paul. He's a genuine fellow that I have the utmost respect for and truly love. Chip..........AKA Paul,.......I hope you had a great birthday, and I look forward to having you and all your girls over in the pool in 2010.

Please comment when you get this message. Happy Birthday Buddy!

Half Way Home

Time flies as they say. It truly does. One moment I am unemployed in the Great America, searching endlessly for work and cause. Without success. Searching for meaning. Searching for hope. Trying to make something of my simple life. Trying to make my life meaningful. Trying to find happiness. Trying to become content with the everyday. Trying to kill "worry." Trying to find the best of myself and become a better man. Trying to become what I've yearned to be. Trying to utilize the skills God gave me and build something of myself that I can be proud of. Trying to wake up every morning with the "Morning Glory" that brings happiness even to the most simplest man. Although it meant leaving all the ones that I truly cherish; My brothers, my family, my friends, my nephews and nieces, I have found what I was seeking; And now I am at a crossroads once again.

My "Half-Way" mark has approached. My tour of duty is on the benchline. I have become a different person. The same person I still am, yet different. Stronger. Able to adapt. And the Lord knows I have adapted. And quite fittingly I must say. Over these last six months, I have faced challenge after challenge. In so many ways that I can't verbalize it with written text. I can't truly tell you how I feel with words. But I know that I am a stronger person. I know that this experience was the best thing I could possibly undertake. Hands down. For a pretty interesting and yet creepy metaphor; I feel that I left New York as meandering cacoon, and kind of broke my shell open here and became a real man. I love this city, and this city loves me. I can't explain it. But, I hope the next six months are as good as the first.

Friday, May 8, 2009

ILL Communicado

I won't be posting this weekend. Due to what I think is the pollution and smog over this lovely little paradise, I have a trifecta of illness. Also, the Yellow Dust from China is hitting the city. That's some harsh dust from the Mongolian Desert that causes havoc to the taker. Plus, I have Korean rugrats couphing and sneezing on me all day. I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist yesterday. After once again jamming a fiber optic camera up my nose and down my throat, it seems I have Sinusitus, Laryngitus, and a mild Bronchitus. AAAH, the lovely clean air of Seoul. Anyway, I'm going "ILL-Communicado" for a few. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Peace.........cough.....cough.....

PS-The above pic is a satelite image over the Korean pininsula while yellow dust smulders over. I think you can see me waving if you look pretty close.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, another week in Seoul. Very interesting. On Friday, I had a date. She brought a friend. I like the friend better. I got both numbers but I'm not sure if I want to create tension in their friendship. Maybe, We met in Itaewon, the "Foreigners Paradise" and went to a Vietnamese restaurant and then for drinks. I had a lot of fun discussing and debating their "American" stereotypes. Like Americans don't like spicy food, and Americans don't like seafood, especially sushi. When I told them that I like all of that goodness, they were so honestly surprised that I laughed at them so much. It was interesting and really funny. We talked about Korean culture, as far as dating and marriage, and other customs. Koreans live with their parents UNTIL they get married, and I rationalized the idea of NOT living with someone BEFORE you get married and have to live with them the rest of your life. Interesting conversation.They were both "Buddhists", and I enjoyed talking to them about religious differences. I had a great time on this sort of double date. But I'd rather call this girl's friend than her. I guess I'll see in the next few days.

Today I went to COEX MALL, the largest mall in Asia. I pretty much got lost, and found nothing I was looking for. The weather was really nice, so I didn't really care. I had what I like to call the "wanderlust" of really not knowing where the hell I intend to go, but just enjoying the walk. It's like the famous proverb:

"If you want to get there quickly, run; If you want to travel, walk."

P.S-Happy Birthday Renee; I hope Dan isn't torturing you like usual. Just give him a good smack on the hands like my Korean teachers do to their students. He'll only cry for a little while, I promise. He's SUCH a Man-Child......................I know.............................Good luck.