Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy......Teacher's Day???

I was pleasantly surprised to come to work today and find out that May 15 is Teacher's Day. When I arrived at my office, there were presents on my desk from some of my students. When I went to my first class, my students showered me with gifts and I had to wrestle with them to calm them down. I was literally tackled and hugged be 10 students at once.

Teachers are considered very high on the respect level in Korea, especially English teachers. I was told by a few people that they're considered more importan than doctors. Pretty interesting. One parent requested a meeting with me on my lunch break. I obliged. She bought me a power drill for teacher's day and because I was sick for a few days last week. A power drill???? She also insisted that her and her husband and her son take me out to dinner in the next few weeks. I could'nt say no. It's definitely a trip over here........Here are some of my presents:

A power drill
A year supply of Vitamin C
2 roses
1 sunflower
Movie tickets
An umbrella
Socks (designer)
handkerchiefs (designer)
A nut cake
Tea made of dried flowers from a very famous mountain in Korea (which I wont' drink)

I wish I knew where some good pawn shops were around

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Dannyboy said...

A power You should tell them that you already have one. It's a Stanley. Thats cool you are appreciated. Enjoy the city and smog. Dan