Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Half Way Home

Time flies as they say. It truly does. One moment I am unemployed in the Great America, searching endlessly for work and cause. Without success. Searching for meaning. Searching for hope. Trying to make something of my simple life. Trying to make my life meaningful. Trying to find happiness. Trying to become content with the everyday. Trying to kill "worry." Trying to find the best of myself and become a better man. Trying to become what I've yearned to be. Trying to utilize the skills God gave me and build something of myself that I can be proud of. Trying to wake up every morning with the "Morning Glory" that brings happiness even to the most simplest man. Although it meant leaving all the ones that I truly cherish; My brothers, my family, my friends, my nephews and nieces, I have found what I was seeking; And now I am at a crossroads once again.

My "Half-Way" mark has approached. My tour of duty is on the benchline. I have become a different person. The same person I still am, yet different. Stronger. Able to adapt. And the Lord knows I have adapted. And quite fittingly I must say. Over these last six months, I have faced challenge after challenge. In so many ways that I can't verbalize it with written text. I can't truly tell you how I feel with words. But I know that I am a stronger person. I know that this experience was the best thing I could possibly undertake. Hands down. For a pretty interesting and yet creepy metaphor; I feel that I left New York as meandering cacoon, and kind of broke my shell open here and became a real man. I love this city, and this city loves me. I can't explain it. But, I hope the next six months are as good as the first.

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