Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, another week in Seoul. Very interesting. On Friday, I had a date. She brought a friend. I like the friend better. I got both numbers but I'm not sure if I want to create tension in their friendship. Maybe, We met in Itaewon, the "Foreigners Paradise" and went to a Vietnamese restaurant and then for drinks. I had a lot of fun discussing and debating their "American" stereotypes. Like Americans don't like spicy food, and Americans don't like seafood, especially sushi. When I told them that I like all of that goodness, they were so honestly surprised that I laughed at them so much. It was interesting and really funny. We talked about Korean culture, as far as dating and marriage, and other customs. Koreans live with their parents UNTIL they get married, and I rationalized the idea of NOT living with someone BEFORE you get married and have to live with them the rest of your life. Interesting conversation.They were both "Buddhists", and I enjoyed talking to them about religious differences. I had a great time on this sort of double date. But I'd rather call this girl's friend than her. I guess I'll see in the next few days.

Today I went to COEX MALL, the largest mall in Asia. I pretty much got lost, and found nothing I was looking for. The weather was really nice, so I didn't really care. I had what I like to call the "wanderlust" of really not knowing where the hell I intend to go, but just enjoying the walk. It's like the famous proverb:

"If you want to get there quickly, run; If you want to travel, walk."

P.S-Happy Birthday Renee; I hope Dan isn't torturing you like usual. Just give him a good smack on the hands like my Korean teachers do to their students. He'll only cry for a little while, I promise. He's SUCH a Man-Child......................I know.............................Good luck.


Kelly said...

call the girl's friend? that's a definite no-no chris!

Chris said...

I'm feelin' the No No. I haven't done anything yet. I probably won't.

Dannyboy said...

What happened to three's company!