Saturday, December 6, 2008

Listen and Remember

To my beloved family. I miss you all tremendously but am having the experience that I so desperately searched for. Please do me the favor and listen to this song on

It is one that I have written about and documented. It is one that everyone from my parents to my nephews and neices will appreciate and truly enjoy. I just learned it on guitar and it is what my heart is truly saying to the ones I love. Please take the time to listen to it. I promise it is addicting; as all good music is.

U2----Kite (live in Boston) Type that in on (for the laymen)

Love and peace from the Seoul Survivor. I'm doing this thing.


PaulyG said...

Where u at? mofo. I'm still trying to get international on my phone. Jus droppin in to drop a word or two. keep ur head up out there and keep postin!

Anonymous said...

Chris how are you. Tried to write to you the other day with Olivia- message didnt go through.Sorry. New computer on Friday sweet 17.1 Hp lap top Great deal 1150$ 640$ with rebate. Web cam..the works. Have fun this weekend by going out with your friends and networking. I know you like to hang out in your new pad and cook shrimp but part of this process is to get out there and explore new friends and yourself. Dont be socially lazy. Im not asking you to go apple picking but dont get too boxed that you want to just stay home and chill.Ie. calling me in the AM(us time) Meet as many new people as possible. You already know mom dont you? peace and of coarse I want you to call! Tell me about a road trip you took or somthing bro.Do it-Love Dan