Friday, December 5, 2008

Danny Boy

Alright. Hello everyone and especially Dan; my crazy and uncontrollably lovable brother. What a character. Those comments you made have made my day (of course using Dad's password being that you think the word pentium refers to a car you drove in the 80's). If I haven't made it effeciently clear that I'm going to rip on your computer skills, just wait longer. I miss you Dan. I miss the laughs, I miss the fun, I miss you trying to sing as I play guitar. I miss the way you try to talk to me as an older brother and always have my best interests in mind. I miss the cooking, the sushi, the shrimp, the beer and all those great times we've had. Don't worry, when you come to visit me in Seoul it will all take shape. I promise to take you to a noraebang (karaoke) so you can show the Korean people what a true rock star sounds like. You are the man. Always remember: "The best way to get a good look up a cow's ass is through it's rectum. Take the butcher's word for it.....ah....I'm retarded."

P.S.- Everyone, I should have my internet this week and then it's ON.

1 comment:

DAD said...

Chris I have not stuck my head up a butchers ass latley. no plans to . working to come visit you . You better start laying some ground work. Devin is right next to me rigth now he sends a kiss.l
Olivia says thank you for making the CD for me. Nice message Bro. I will not tell anybody about Rainbro-Bright ----Promise -Rock It