Friday, January 23, 2009

700 Reasons to be Happy

Today is a day that I am truly happy. In the way that Walt Whitman talks in "The Song of Myself". It started with Bry calling me as soon as I woke up and telling me to install Skype: a free phone and video internet connection that makes me appreciate the internet sooo much more. I'ts actaully ridiculous. We can talk via video phone for free as long as we want, and the video quality is great. Who needs a landline? Who needs a phone card? Who is not willing to pay 50 bucks for a webcam that you can use indefinately as a video phone for free? I felt like I was sitting on Bry's couch and hanging out with my family (Dan and Renee also) and my best friends. It was amazing and so technologically significant.....

Also, this is the Korean Lunar New Year. That's right, I get to celebrate New Year's twice. Last night I went out with some coworkers and we did a whiskey drinkin' and darts night in Gangnam, the richest and most educated part of Seoul. It's also where I live, so do the math and see how I'm living over I just got back from the Korean market and it was PACKED with Koreans getting all the food and drink they could carry. They were so happy. As was I. Here are more reasons for my happiness:

Friendly English Speaking Fish Market Guy- Oh...Friendly English Speaking Fish Market Guy, you have made my day. I swear to God. Thank you sir, for not only being so friendly to me as I buy mass amounts of fresh octopus and prawn from you every week, but thank you for your kindness. In a hurried crowd of dozens of crazy Koreans trying to grab anything they can for their families in this feeding frenzy holiday, you have truly showed me happiness in it's simplicity. Thank you for coming up to me out of the blue as I was shopping and ask me how I was doing. In English. It made the sound to my ears like music in a chaotic era. The first Korean to recognize me as me, and enquire about my well being. Cheers. Happy Lunar New Year.

I am also thankful that my apartment is doing fine. When I came home for lunch yesterday, my landlord grabbed my arm and said "flood", and pointed to my apartment. He continued to show me my neighbor's apartment that had a huge hole in it and was being dug up. I cringed for the worst, and only hoped that my laptop and guitar were okay. They came in and started ripping up my tiles, only to find that my Shoebox was going to keep my shoelaces dry for a little while longer. It was the best lunch I had. I had expected the worst but got the best. Nice.

Also, my boss gave us each 100,000 Won for Lunar New Year. Yeah, it's Monopoly money, but it is actually worth something in Korea. Thank god.

I also am cooking up some expensive beef tonight to celebrate the Lunar New Year here in Seoul. I hope it is as good as I would like it to be. Hope is a simple word that I've come friendly with. It keeps all the world hoping. Without it, we are nothing.

"Hope gives man the tendency to dream, and with that dream comes acts of random kindness that change the world.".....................C.Richter

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