Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Asked for It Danny Boy (Rob Lowe)

OK Dan. This is a postable version of the comment Danny boy left on my blog. I do love when I get good comments, although not so much the ones that are racist towards my best friends and challenge my masculinity. So, being that this is infact my blog, I will thwart said comments and show the commentator my sword. Touchee Danny Boy. His comment is as follows:

"I see Dad is getting creative. That Confucious line was a gem! Love ya Dad. Was that an all day post? Hey Chris- Im surprised you didnt take the name "I-Nee-Ma-Mee"

Dan, I would have taken the name "I nee Mamee" but it was already taken by an older brother of mine that can't go two days without attaching the umbilical chord while pounding Dad's booze and making excuses to Renee about how your "helping" out at the In psychology class we have a name for that kind of subconcious action where we put on others what's really going on with our lives. Freud termed it "Transference."

PS-Now that I'm in Korea, there is an open bed in the house. Mom tells me you've been "eying" it up ever since I left and have been slowly hoarding your deodorant and razors into my bathroom, and day by day putting your clothes in my drawers like that dude from Shawshank Redemption. By the way, how far infact is the tunnel your digging from Patchogue to Holtsville? Just make sure you cover the hole in my bedroom floor before I come home...ok. Thanks.

PPS-I'm going to mail you the shells of the GINORMOUS prawn I plan on cooking tomorrow. The ultimate insult.........Call me!

PPPS-Danny, you are such a sick twisted bastard. Seriously. You should seek some help somewhere. And by somewhere I don't mean Mom's house. Sorry Buddy. I know you were hoping I would say that. Sorry dude. You can still hope though can't you????


Anonymous said...

Chris, Siggy also stated that chasing married or engaged women is a safehaven for those who fear rejection. HaHa. (now I really lost mom's ticket to the empty bedroom!)You know I was kidding about Tom and Pat-I love those guys!Who else is going to do my dry cleaning!Really kidding guys I know you have guns and a sense of humor. I miss seeing you both. Cant wait till Chris gets back so we can hang out drink beer and watch you beat eachother up. Chris really your blog was funny. People must think you are a real cyber-bully if they dont know you.(ok-us-im guilty)I wish I could visit and hit the town and do some cooking. Your dishes look so good I can smell them on my screen!Do really send me the prawn shells-I'll boil them to make a broth. Shadow is good. She is at Bry's house for the weekend. You probably know that. I love your guitar story. And the Hansolo thing is great. I could invision it now! I will definately get hooked up to call you this week my man. Promise.I just dont want you to hang up like last time when I called from 383.(thats code for the "nest") Well I hope you enjoy the three day sorrry.Thanks Dr. King. Peace-Love Danny

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris I just reread your post again and laughed really hard. Funny. Funny.The tunnel just about reached Rt27. Have a water issue though.By the way I would rather sleep in a rusty shopping cart that has been lowered by a crane into the cesspool of a Sumo wrestling dojo than to risk contact with the unknown remnants of your bed. Love Ya-Danny Boy

Renee said...

Hey, glad to hear you are having fun. We are chilling out, put the girls to bed, and are about to eat. Danny is cooking up some pork in the wok! A little home cooked chinese never hurt anyone. Those shrimp look delicious! Danny actually made a mean shrim francese one night, awesome! Everyone here is good, but it is very cold! Only 7 degrees today and we are supposed to get some more snow on Monday. We are off so maybe the kids will be able to enjoy it. Well sounds like you are having fun. Keep up the hard work and love making!
Love you long time.

Anonymous said...

Chris.... this is some priceless shit. I love watching you and Dan go at it. but no matter what you are still just joking around with each other (right?) anyway, love you bro. wish you were here. Shadow and Sash are having the greatest time, and she is being a good girl... I will talk to you soon. And have a great three day weekend... oh, shit,my bad. Hahaha