Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cookin' with Chris (Korean Cuisine #17)

Sauteed Octopus in a Bulgoggi and Tabasco Marinade

Ahh. Sauteed Octopus. You don't get this stuff back home. The last two nights I have ventured into cooking Octopus. The first night, I went to the market and thought I had a steal when I saw this huge octopus for sale at what I thought was 2.90, it turned out that is was more like 29.90, so I returned it and got a few baby octopus' to bring back and throw in some authentic Korean noodles with a little bulgoggi and tabasco sauce. Good call. They tasted really good with that particular sauce and the size of their tentacles complimented the noodles. I actually found out that Octopus, albeit a little chewier than Squid, has about a quarter of the cholesterol. Interesting stuff.........I know.
The next night, (tonight), I bought a medium sized Octopus and the tentacles were pretty big, some the width of my fingers. I put that next to some pasta noodles and that's the finished platter picture up top with my tv remote waiting for me after a nice but long day teaching my Korean geniouses and hittting the gym.

PS-Dan, you would have been proud of me. The Octopus tonight was so fresh that when I cut it on my cutting board it wiggled and the suction cups still worked and seemed to put up a fight. Pretty crazy I know. What happened to my squimishness? I think I left it at JFK...lol. Zimmerman would be proud.
PPS-Gomes, YES, that baby Octopus up top IS infact winking at you. When you come to visit it's gonna be all about the baby Octopus and pig-nose sandwiches with mustard....Your favorite.


PaulyG said...

That octopus looks delicious! I want to try one. The suction cups look really tasty! and those tentacles and eyeballs look like they really hit the spot. Hope all is well buddy and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Did you play peanut butter octopus? Sound like a great meal.How long did you boil it? I heard that you should simmer it for at least two hours.Dan

Anonymous said...

Pops just told me about your blog, and I must say I'm happy to hear you are living "La vida loca".
I gotta tell you that my first impression of those tentacles reminded me of Simba in 'The Lion King' escaping & foraging for food by eating the colorful bugs under the rocks....
I can relate to your new experience in leaving home and venturing out on your own. I did the same thing when I was a 'not tooo young whipper snapper'. I'm sure you will become a better person for it.
I'll be checking out your blog from time to time. Best Regards and Hakkuna Matatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dougie Fresh, Doogie Howser, Douglas Fairbanks..........