Friday, January 9, 2009

The Great Korean Ripoff / Food Price Confusion

Ok, well as much as I love the Korean food here and am trying to eat healthy, I was talking to some friends at work and they said that Mr. Pizza (a very cheesy name (no pun intended) was the best place to get pizza). I had seen a commercial on one of my few English channels that I get in my apartment and it looked pretty damn good. Now, I am used to the best damn pizza in the world..New York baby. And the craving came on. It's Friday night over here now and I unwillinglly chose to stay in due to Laryngitis. I decided to come home after a very long week of teaching my awesome and somewhat energy-draining students. These kids, I love them so much, they make my day everyday, but at the same time they are such a HANDFUL. And let me tell you, teaching without a voice has truly freakin' drained me. My authority is off, my creativeness is off, and I am so pissed about it. I guess the only good thing is that I feel OK. I don't feel sick. I just can't speak. And every time I get my voice back, as soon as I start teaching, It goes. A vicious circle. I need to keep these kids in line, and to be able to break open new ideas to them. It's not happening. SO, I decided that I will not talk for the whole weekend so that next week I may have my voice; because I cannot do another week like this. It's driving me crazy.

Back to the food confusion. Korea has it's crazy mentality on what certain foods should cost. For example: I had a two hour break inbetween classes today, so I thought I would go around the corner to this authentic Korean restaurant that I go to with my American coworkers sometimes. They serve up some serious shit. I ordered a seafood bulgoggi, very interesting let me tell you; A big plate of rice, smothered in vegtables, smothered in Octopus (moon-o), and it had a fried egg on top. The plate was huge, one of the best meals I had since I've been here, and it cost WON 4,500. Almost equal to $4.50. Almost because the Korean Won dropped like virgins panties on their wedding But I won't get into that rant now.

So I order the pizza and pay WON 20,000. Equal to roughly 20 bucks. My expectations you may ask? A good meal tonight, and hopefully some fridge food for tomorrow. What did I get you may ask? Domino's Pizza would laugh at this shit. Seriously. I am not kidding. The girl handed me a box that could hold TWO slices in it.........I really need to learn some serious shit about Korean food. I've found this out the hard way with Mexican food too, although not so bad.

So, after this babble, I think that my best option is to eat gourmet Korean food from this great restaurant, and not cook or even think about western food. Unfortunately, cooking is therapuetic for me, and my tastes change from time to time. HOLY SHIT. I am becoming obsessed with food like every single Korean here. Please help

P.S- You can tell by the picture that that is a really f-ing small pie. I know I am a big guy but.........come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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pjsklad said...

Nice Chris, I think you paid more for presentation. At least its an attempt. Think of what The American version of a Korean dish would be. Stick with the bulgoggi!

Tommy said...

That is sorry excuse for a pie, however I do agree with Patrick about the presentation. Was it good Though?