Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seoul Chillin'

What's up guys? I really miss blogging lately although there is really nothing to say. I've just been chilling out here over the past few weeks, and I'm very conformed to my life right now. I love to cook, (right now I am cooking some huge prawn with some potato and vegtable stew). I went out Friday night and had to tell these Korean men that one of my girl friends was my sister, due to the fact that they were salivating over her. I'm watching some great American programs such as True Blood, South Park, and Family Guy. They make me feel as if I'm somewhat home. It's a good thing. I miss all of you tremendously, and I'll be home in about 3 months; which at this point I can do standing on my head after a very long 9 months over here. I'm still having a grand time, still have to give myself credit for doing this, but the toll of not seeing my beloved family and friends is really hard......Thank God that South Korea has been so awesome to me, because if it sucked from the "get go" at this point I would not be happy. No swimming pools in the summer, and the humidity and heat just flat out suck. But...........good people, great food, good friends, excellent experience.......................................................

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