Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poor Amy Student

Things are still going great over here, and I'm sitting home in my "Refridgerator" the new term for my shoebox apartment, being that the AC is blasting and I'm chillin'. I'm studying Korean tonight and doing really well with the survival language that I need. You know; give me coffee, beer, Soju, shrimp, where's the bathroom, it's a nice day outside, your'e the most beautiful Asian woman I've ever seen kind of thing. You get the point. Well, it kills the time and keeps me and all my "Asian daily friends" amused as I make my way from Starbucks in the morning to the market at night, and inbetween as I buy various things as we all do.

I am however, sad and amused, and I would like to share a horribly awakening story with you guys. As it's as obvious of my not boarding a plane and flying home within the almost eight months that I've been here; I love the Korean people. The Women are beautiful, the men are interesting, and the kids are just as adorable as my little nephews and neices that I miss sooo much.

Enter my Elementary student Amy. She is so cute, and I am proud of my teaching her because not only did I recognize her smartness, but I opened her up from being the most shy student that I have, to her becoming very confident and displaying verbally her true talent. That's what I do. That's what they pay me the millions of Won to do each have a few minutes of one on one English conversation with each of my students to find out how their day was, to help them with their English, and honestly to kill time....I am teaching 8-9 classes a day now (In New York it's illegal to teach more than five). Here is our conversation:

Me: Hello Amy how are you today?

Amy: I am so-so. Actually I am bad.

Me: Why? Aren't you happy that we will have a snack party on Friday?

Amy: Yes. But my Dog sad.

Me: What kind of dog do you have?

Amy: It is a mix. I don't know.

Me: In America, we call dogs that are mixed Mutts. That means they have different parent dogs. Do you understand?

Amy: Yes, it is small dog. Her name is (Korean name I don't remember). I bring her to Grandmother's house.

Me: Wow, you must have a really nice Grandmother to watch your dog for you. My Grandmother's were very nice as well. So,...when will you get your dog back?

Amy: I am sad because Grandmother don't have dog.

Me: Did your dog run away? My dogs have run away too.

Amy: No...(frowning) No dog anymore. Neighbors.......

Me: Uh.............???????

Amy: Neighbors catched dog.

Me: Uh..............and?

Amy: Eating.

Me: Wait a minute..Are you telling me your Grandmother's neighbors stole your dog?

Amy: Yes. and eating.

Me: The neighbors stole and ate your dog????

Amy: Yes.

Me: (Almost crying) Here is a peice of American gum for you. I am very sad about your dog. Here you go. I am so sorry Amy.

Every Other Student in the Class: UUUUH> Why does she get a peice of gum????????

Every other student in the class: Chris Teacher, why are your eyes so red???

My Mind: Because someone stole a beloved Lapsa Apsa for the delicacy of one pound of meat off of it, and this sweet little girl has lost her pet that she loves dearly and is going to have nightmares of poor little "Spot" being severed, seasoned, boiled and eaten by a family that could probably afford chicken....................................................Unbelievable..............


Dannyboy said...

Chris I was just wondering if Amy's Grandma would like to keep an eye on Shadow for a weekend(AKA Nightmare) It would be like Costco..More meat cheaper by the pound. Just kidding. Like a North Korean nuke hitting the the South ..How did you not see that one coming bro.? Glad to see you got back on-line and are not feeding on the previous tenents cable bill anymore! Saw Pauly at Brys Block party and he was going to Greggs wedding in the city. He stayed for about 45 mins and then he had to leave. He would have loved for you to be his date. Peace Bro -Danny boy

Chris said...

Well, as retarded as you are dannyboy, you are funny. I'll give you that.