Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cookin' with Chris: Garlic Baby Squid and Prawn

So, the weather has finally broke over here and I must say that i'ts nice. The Winter was very mild, only a few inches of snow on two or three days. Now, it's at least seventy degrees over here, and I am awaiting a very long and enduring Summer of humidity and Monsoons. My friend told me that the Monsoons here are like buckets being dropped on your head. I guess I'll see.

My weekend was okay. I went out Friday night for dinner with some friends, and then went to a NoraeBong (Karaoke) for a little while. Tonight, I made some delicious baby Squid and prawn with a garlic marinara sauce. Pretty damn good I must say. After all, I really just want to make Dan jealous.

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Anonymous said...

Its Paul,

I cant believe that your eating that. That looks like somthing I would cast into the ocean in Moriches inlet to catch a striper.