Thursday, March 19, 2009

The New Influx

Over here in "The Land of the Morning Calm," things are going. And going. It feels like the days last so long, yet the weeks fly by as quickly as Dan gets a buzz on on Tuesday night (Yeah, thems are fightin' words buddy. Why aren't you cyber-bullying me back? I guess to busy with "the family.") Miss you Danny.

So we have a new influx of students this month. The Korean school year starts in March, and I'm up to my neck in a variety of different English abilities to teach. I start my day "trying" to teach English to Kindergarten kids (Good thing I have my Master's Degree for that lot). It's actually so frustrating, even though they are so cute and remind me of my nephews and nieces. It's kind of funny too, because these kids are the "elite" of Seoul. They wear all designer clothes, and I realize why my school is an "Ivy League" Academy. They are learning so much though, each day. But they are constantly speaking Korean to each other and I have to translate through their 7 year old leader, Andrew, who speaks basic English. He is my liason, and follows my orders very well. Although, I can swear he makes fun of me to the other students in Korean...LOL.

In the afternoon, I have my Elementary and Middle School students. That's my favorite part of teaching, due to the fact that they comprehend everything I say, make observations, and incorporate their English skills and cognition into my lessons. They are really adorable too, and soo hungry for knowledge; unlike what I've seen in the States. I must say again, the Korean people are a beautiful race. I love them.

My other days consists of teaching writing to some upper-level Middle School girls that are soo funny that I look forward to teaching them the most. They're best friends and learning English slang and "Lingo." When I walk in the room I die laughing because they say things to me like "Yo, Chris teacher, what's going on?" or "Chris teacher, chill out!" It's also funny that they make fun of Koreans and embrace the Western culture as if it is theirs. Never a dull moment, but the Administration has it's head up it's ass and us American teachers have a lot of shit to deal with. But, that's another blogsworth.


Anonymous said...

Bro change is good. Enjoy and embrace what you have. Let it ride..This is getting a bit repetative.. E-mail me.

Anonymous said...

That was Dan