Thursday, September 10, 2009

8 Years Later

Anyone who knows me knows I am very passionate about what happened in New York 8 years ago. The innocence lost, the recognition of vulnerability, the new era of pre-emptive strike, and all that followed. I was lucky,...I didn't lose anyone that I know that beautiful and horrific day. I remember it so vividly. I will never forget it. It was one week before I was to start my work at Saturday Night Live. I thought the subways would be scary; my fears took a stronger side.

Religious "fanatisism." Ain't it a bitch. No God I have ever studied, including "Allah" has condoned suicide in the name of religeon. It's interesting now, my mindset. I had a great friend over here who was more than liberal always justify the acts of the people against America. I understand now more, that I'm overseas, that Americans think all they do is great. Sometimes that's not the case. But let me get this straight, and I tell all the American "Liberalists" over here( and there are more than you would believe). ......................There is nothing glorious about killing women and children on a plane, and taking away fathers and mothers in the name of any God.

Below is a congregation of clips of the towers being hit. I don't believe in showing them off; it's just that we need to remember the tragedy so that we can avoid it. -----Video Collage of September 11

P.S.- On a smaller note, I hope Bin Laden is enjoying living in a Pakastani "Bathhouse" enjoying the weekly rent of having to give up his cornhole to a hairy superintendant. Although he might like that. Well, now he knows how it feels to lose a loved one for his "Fatwah" of resolution. We just killed one of his sons in an air raid. Well, at least he has his health?????????

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