Tuesday, September 8, 2009


They say that "ignorance is Bliss." Well, I'm not so sure I believe in that anymore. My life over here is full of "bliss," and I don't consider my state of mind as ignorant. So, therefore the saying must be wrong; I guess most ignorant people are blissfull, but what about those that are not ignorant and feel bliss???Well, you can talk to me about that.

On the wild Korean forefront, my new girlfriend is absolutely georgeous. Trust me when I tell you that she is an 8-9 on the American standards. She is soo cute, so intellectual, and loves my guitar playing, singing, intellect, and for reasons unknown my bald-ass head. She calls me her "Cherub" which I haven't shot down yet due to acceptance. Really. How am I gonna tackle that issue when she has made a "pet name" for my inadequacy? Anyway, we have a hiking trip planned next weekend upon the broader Korean Plane. Should be interesting.

These pics are of our walk through the "man made" stream that runs through Seoul. Apparently, this stream was so significant (the Korean women used to bathe the men's clothes there throughout the Korean war) that the government built a beautiful stream above the other one where Koreans can soak their feet and walk through in the Summer. Nice........................

I'm just lovin' and feedin' on this culture. It's just getting better every day. It's so interesting to me, and these people are so accommadating. It's very surreal! I never thought I would find bliss again............................................
PS-That "Cheesy" pic of me up top is me making fun of Koreans. In every pic, Koreans give the victory sign (I'm not sure why..lol), but that is me just being a fool, and giving into the customs...lol. When in Rome????

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