Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Graduation

What's up guys. Things are slowly settling down after this pretty awesome weekend. The boys and I all agreed it was the best jam session ever, and plan on getting a studio again.

We had a massive Korean Graduation ceremony for the students today (their school year ends in February). We held it in the Daechi Cultural Center. A huge building with a theatre not unlike one you could envision in Manhattan. Of course, since my Academy is much more than a business than a school, I wanted to impress my source of income: The parents. So of course I brought my guitar out to do a little jam session with my students in front of 200 Korean parents and relatives. They loved it. They have never seen a 6 foot tall big bald-headed American jam out quite like I did. Of course, the Korean students had some really weird costumes on. It was pretty creepy, except for the part that I need to keep this job and this sweet life I found over here. Even if the Korean Won is pretty much non-comparable to the Dollar right now. Gotta keep keepin' on. The school administration and my female Korean coworkers gave me some serious respect. I bow respectively and realize I got it made over here. Of course, it's all not ice cream and puppy dogs over here as well. Korea is a very strange place..........trust me on that one.

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