Friday, February 20, 2009

Interesting Weekend (I hope)

Besides the fact of my ever growing nostalgia that Hillary Clinton is actually two blocks away from me right now giving her first Asian Summit meeting at the Seoul University for Women(scan for sarcasm), I have the best weekend linup.....ever. Chen is coming over and I'm taking her out to a nice seafood dinner at this really cool seafood place for 20-somethings. Every time I go there, all the Koreans harass me like I'm a rock star, and try out their English on me. They literally grab me and tell me I'm "handsome." Great liars they are. I think they just want to practice their lifetime of Engilish training on me. That's cool. That's what they pay me for. Right?

Well, I just got back. The Korean chef didn't like the fact that I wanted to actually enjoy my beer before ordering, and he made my food spicier than the Devil's armpit on Christmas. Just to make the bald foreigner cry at every mouth watering bite of a mix of seafood. I swear to God, it was intentional Spice-a-cide. I was crying. To boot, I'll never let Chen drink again. She had two beers at dinner and acted like I did when Bry and Dan got me drunk for my first time. Such a lightweight. I had to carry her out of the restaurant. And not in the romantic hero kind of way. I almost thought that that was where our relationship was going. Not soo much.

She's passed out right now and hogging the clean bedsheets I just washed and dried for 15 hours; being that doing laundry here truly sucks. It literally takes days to wash all my washables. The worst part is is that i can only use cold water to wash things in my closet sized bathroom, and everything dries as comfortably as sand paper. I can't wait to come home to America and just use a bathroom for the necessities and not for showers, laundry, washing dishes, and way too much stuff. I miss a bathtub. I miss not stepping in water every time I go to use the bathroom. It sucks.

I hope tomorrow will be better. I will jam out with my band in Hong-Dae, and have some beers and chill with the guys. Chen will not become the Yoko Ono of my musical romance. It sucks that I still can't sing with my Seoul-laden voice. But I know it will be - Good stuff. Gotta go. Miss you guys.

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