Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Korean Sunday

as I sit anticipating a a somewhat expensive but well-worthy lunch of Caviar and Sushi, I contemplate the differences in culture over here. Such an eyesight each and every time I leave my apartment. Today, I saw a small child Aiden's age doing the grocery shopping for his parents. Walking along the dangerous streets and avoiding traffic the way Devbot kills bad guys on Call Of Duty 4 (His favorite vidoe game). I also looked into one of the small bodegas lining my street, and was amazed to see pig heads and hooves on spivets. Actually, the meat smelled so good, it reminded me of the pig roasts my Puerto Rican neighbors would have when I was a kid, whithout the horrible surprise of seein a pig bludgeoned to death in the next yard on a very innocent Saturday morning. No wonder I have Also, annoyingly, the Korean people refuse to move. It seems that they throw their peripheral (spelling??) vision aside and just don't plain give a crap if you're trying to get by. In the market, they puff themselves up like a blower fish and really don't care that you would like to get by. In the supermarket, they leave their carts diagonal, as if to purposefully not let anyone by. It pisses me off. It seems that they go out of their way to make movement difficult, and don't give a damn. But when they need to get by you, you're pushed. Well, now that I see the pattern, I feel pretty bad for any Koreans in the way of this 6-foot tall bald Banshee who needs his seafood and beer NOW. LOL. I thought N.Y. was bad..............

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