Monday, November 17, 2008

4 AM- Jetlag Really Furucking Sucks

4 in the Morning. Jetlag. Sleeplessness. I feel constantly hung over and only wish to sleep. My body is in f-ing meltdown. The only thing keeping me going is the emails from Paul and my Madre, and the comments on my blog. Certain people need to really step up and let me know how much they miss me by actually sitting down for five minutes and writing me. I'm not being narcissistic. I just want to hear from anyone right now. I'm in the middle of frickin South Korea for God's sake. Alone. My bed is actually really comfortable and the city does infact sleep at night. I hear the sound of a few passing cars but there is no chaos like New York City. That's cool. I have been drinking this drink called Soju over here. It is like Vodka and sprite and it really makes you feel like shit after two of them. Is it the jetlag? Probably. I am in the mood right now for some of these rice cakes they sell at the market. They have a spicy sauce in the middle and are absolutely delicious and cheap. Food in Korea is cheap in general. You get a gourmet meal for 5 bucks. No tip. I have not even begun to explore the city. My neighborhood is like a clean Brooklyn street ( except for the open air market that is awesome and indescribable). When I walk to the closest big road, however, it turns into what Manhattan should look like. It's huge though. I think several times bigger than Manhattan. I am a little taken back by it, and a little scared. I am very lucky that I found my way home from work today. A lot of stuff is in English and a lot of stuff is not. I'm still doing alright. I'm Seoul Survivin', but I need some sleep. I wonder if it would be cool to knock on my cutie Korean neighbors' door right now and see if she wants to chill. I bought her some Kimbap and delivered it to her as an "American" housewarming gift (which I kind of made up because it's usually the "new person" that's supposed to get the gifts). But after all is said and done, I really am a genuinely nice person that's just trying help a beautifully lonely Korean girl out. I hope I don't scare her. I have that tendency. I'll come back to my place with a bag full of food and a chopstick lodged in my eye. It wouldn't be the first time.

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