Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Love You Bro

It's 10:30 on a gloriously beautiful Korean morning. Words cannot describe the excitement and hope I have. Bear with me on these crazy posts. It's funny when Dan tells me about being repetitive on my blog. Sorry, dude. I did talk a little too much about jetlag, but I was seriously shocked with my situation. I know you never repeat yourself Dan....ever. You're true patience and talent for self-control is something I appreciate and have strictly admired. What's Renee's nickname for you again? Oh---"One Track Jack." At least there's traffic on "my" track, and sometimes a nice layby station. Also, I know how easy you think this is for me. You know, the quick life adjustment; new job, new country, new city, new language ect. I want you to know that I take your criticism very seriously and think about it constantly. After all, you have travelled and explored more than 3 miles off of the Long Island Expressway. I'll call you for directions from Gangnam to Itaewon. Just let me know what to say to the cab drivers in Korean..................................................SARCASM---my new best friend. Love you Dan. After all, our conversation in the pool led to this. I miss you man, you are the man. There's an opening in my band and you're "majestic" vocals are required. Also, you get to drink beer in the studio. I'll call Renee immediately and have her set up the flight date, and lodging requirements. I am sure she will be soooo happy for you!
p.s- The photos above represent our secret cloned body doubles. You got Rob Lowe. What did I get..............Oh shit. Andrew Zimmerman. I guess I lost at rock, paper, scissors. I will, however, be making a nice dish of broiled Prawn and King Crab legs tonight---IN YOUR FACE. Actually Koreans call me "Bruce Willis." I'll take what I can



Chip and Cheetah said...

Seriously, you Richter boys are funny!
Cheetah Andrea

DAD said...

Chris this is Dan. Dad finally remembered how to post.(password)You are too funny with this blog. Hope you are feeling better. Nice prawns bro. I now know you can boil water without the supervision of mom...but can you put the toilet paper roll on that springy thing yet or do you still leave it resting on top?....small steps my man...small steps....Anyhow thanks for getting your load on and CYBER-BULLYING me. Did you forget I lived in Maryland for two years??? Talk about a culture shock..Man..Do you know that they eat these things with 8 legs and and two big claws.Yep and they shower these bizzare crustaceans with a reddish-brown powder poured or often sprinkled from a yellow can. Proper ediquette is to use which ever hand is not holding a shitty National Bohemian beer. (translated to me by my cute neighbor as "Natty-Bo") These crazy bastards pronounce words like "straw" as "straawl" Just think of how fucked I was! And ...I worked in a bar three nights a week!!!(they use straws in drinks-for the slower folk) It was was like a different culture man..Imagine this(aside for Chris...not the part about actually working)so i'm sweating my ass off running all over the damn bar earning the Richter genetic nick-name Sweat-Boy, some buzzed part hillbilly dude says"I need a Straawl..I told that fucker to go outside then..Did I look like I had time to take this guy for a walk? So Chris, don't knock me when it comes to my worldly travel and culture shock. Let me ask you this-Have you ever been to Spain? how about Portugal? about Moracco? guess who has... hall of famer Rod Carew.(kidding that was the Sandler song)ME STUPID!!!So turn off your gas stove,watch crossing the street,hang your toilet paper properly,have some freakin cabbage and healthy sticky rice and do choose with a bit more discretion the people you choose to Cyber-Bully! Oh yeah..I almost forgot.. keep making us proud and prove to yourself that you can make yourself happy by doing.Doing things on your own.Doing things with a positive attitude.Doing your best.Doing that neighbor of yours. Do it Bro I know you can!!When you start to doubt yourself just think of how fast you shook that jetlag and march forward. This is a great time for you whether you realize or not right now..You will. Plus your resume will kick ass!!Love you Bruce!P.S missed you like a dickens on Thanksgiving

DAD said...

Hey dude, it's me-Renee. Interesting blog, love the prawns. Can't leave a long message because we are actually going home now. Olivia went to the movies with your parents and she is having a sleep over. Kayla has another double ear infection and has to get tubes on the ninth! It is crazy. I hope you are feeling better and watch out for those stoves,they can be tricky. Good luck, talk to you soon@!