Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello Growing Pains

Alright. What's up. Yeah, I'm really feeling great right now. I slept for 2 hours, woke up at 3 AM and have been up since. The Korean sun is rising, I have a big day of work in a foreighn country that I have basically just been dropped off on. And I can't spell. Here comes the pain. I look and feel as if I have been partying for several days and I passed through Jabba the Hutts lower intestines. Jetlag. It's the worst hangover you've ever had without the exciting extasy of the actual partying. Good times. Actually, my soul (no pun intended) was just saved by listening to Roger Waters' song Every Stranger's eyes. Talk about genious. Do yourself a favor and take a look and listen to this song on Youtube:
If you can concentrate on the lyrics and get past the cheesy 80's video and actually not like this song, then I think you don't have a soul and should be shot on sight. Once again, Kim Jong Il is very close to my current position and I can make things happen.

Back to this craziness. Did I really fly by myself to Korea for a year? Hmmm. I got some serious balls. I've always said that I appreciate a person that can suprise themselves. After all, what is life without the ability to surprise oneself and make it entertaining. Complaceny has it's drawbacks. Been there and done that. The Korean sun calls me right now to a future so uncertain and unpredictable. I like that. I am going to find out why the hell I came here, and what I was missing in my complacent life back in New York. Jetlag or no, I am standing my ass up right now and facing a day that could have any possibility. Yeah, I feel like donkey dog shit, but I grow stronger day by day by day. I am alone. But I am truly not alone. You are all with me. Plus, I have little future South Korean Nobel Peace Prize winners that are waiting for me. Unbelievable.

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