Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's the Story Morning Glory?

Alright. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. WHaaa. I know. I'm not going to delve into the beauty that Jetlag does to one who just flew 8,000 miles to a new home, job, culture, and life. (although I just kinda did) You get the picture.

Here's the good news. I am on top of the world today. I came home last night from work after stopping for some bottled water (that's all you can drink over here and I AIN'T touching what's coming out of my faucet unless I'm like Frodo Baggums in the deep hell of Mordor). I went to my neighborhood open air market and went for a Healthy dinner as I've already lost a little weight (it's still like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic though). Some of my goal's for this Korean Oddyssey are to become as skinny as possible, as healthy as possible, and find out what the hell is waiting for me here. Oh, ya, and having the time of my life. Is that too much too ask? Well here's a little quote from yours truly.

"Hunt down your dreams relentlessy and with reckless abandon. After all, complaceny is always hunting us, and there will be a victor."

The meal I took home was Kimchi (fermented cabbagge with spices and some other unrecognizable veggies, and this vegtable type of slimy noodle and seaweed that I have had in the past with Bry at Kotobuki. Bry knows what I''m talking about. I think it is a vegtable, although it's slimy, noodly, and tasty. It's all about the texture. Anwyway you can see the picture of it on my stove. Hella good! Supposedly Kimchi is the healthiest food you can eat. It has amazing healing powers (so say the Koreans), lowers blood pressure and helps tremendously with digestion. Also is an anti-cancer agent. The older Korean lady, or "Ajossi" gave me small order, about 4 pounds of it in a plastic Here's some text on this "superfood" that I think Dan will appreciate:
"A staple of the Korean diet is kimchi. Kimchi is a fermented mixture of ingredients such as red pepper powder, cabbage, green oni on, radish, and garlic. Its efficacy is well known, and Koreans consume 22-33 pounds (10-15kg) of kimchi per person per year. According to the Korean Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MIFAFF), kimchi is highly nutritious, strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and delays the aging process promoting longevity. The MIFAFF also states that Kimchi contains ingredients providing antibiotic effects, preventing hyperacidity, and restricting the growth of undesirable bacteria in the intestines. A medicinal ingredient in prepared kimchi is garlic. Garlic assists in preventing cancer, reducing the risk of heart disease, and minimizing the effects of aging. Garlic is known to lower cholesterol levels in the body. It can help maintain lower blood pressure levels by thinning our blood. Thinned blood deters plaque build up in arteries and veins. It is known that regularly eating garlic can add up to four years to a person's lifespan."

So why the morning glory today? 10 hours of sleep. I came home and unplugged my phone. Ate dinner and turned the lights down. I still woke up every few hours but was able to get back to sleep again. I feel INVINCIBLE today. Woke up at 8. Took a walk to Starbucks. Apparently these crazy Koreans feel that no one should drink coffee before 9 AM. I was pissed, but I found this gourmet coffee joint with this really cute Korean girl behind the counter. I really need to work on my language skills. I did however, manage to say coffe, thanks, please, and pronounced the right amount of Won.

I start teaching the Super Koreans today. My little students who are ridiculously cute and smart. They have to call all of their teachers by thier first name. Like this: "Hi Chris Teacher." A little annyoying, but it's better than being called "Hi Chris teacher who went to school for 10 years and is unemployed living in his parent''s house with no money and bored out of your mind." I'll take the former. By the way, my sense of humor and the "therapy" I get from this blog is keeping me strong. Love and miss all of you. I'm glad most are enjoying it.

Oh ya, my weekend plans involve exploring this crazy city, jamming out with two-coworkers at a recording studio, having some Soju (responsibly..uh..hum), and asking out my neighbor who goes to Seoul University. Life beckons......Hallelleju (or however it's spelled) Anyongheekasayo.
"All you're dreams are made, when you're starin' in the mirror with the razor blade, today's the day that all the world will see, another sunny afternoon, walking to the sound of my favorite tune, tomorrow never knows what it doesn't know too soon." - Noel Gallagher


Anonymous said...

Sup chris
Its paul and Im here with Behrens and Ashley and we just wanted to say wassup and we love your blog. We wish you the best an take care of yourself mofo....

Chris said...

Paul, Big-B (Beringer), and Ashley. Thanks for the post, this whole blog thing is an awesome way to consolidate my communication with everyone. I'ts much appreciated. Love you guys and always looking forward to hearing from you. Peace.