Thursday, November 20, 2008

My New Little Young Jedi's

I think I had my first real day of how it's going to be for me workwise, and into the grind type of thing. First of all, I was kind of "thrown to the lions" so to speak as far as work goes. The teacher I am replacing had his "year up" and was done this Wednesday. My orientation and "training," if that's what some will call it was a bit insanely ineffective. I observed all of the teachers that teach in the school. I'm no rocket scientist, but I wished I could have strictly observed him in every class (which would be mine), meet all of the students and get to know their personalities, strengths and weakness (again, my future students), and learn how the curriculum, discipline, structure, assessments, and classroom materials are recieved distributed and checked. Oh, yeah, the big thing I wanted to know was what the hell was on the schedule for them to learn this week and how the hell I could get it. No answer from anyone. They sure are cute though these little bastards. Smart. Funny. Adorable. I know I'm going to love this job as soon as I just get organized and have somebody set me on the page I need to be. By the way, these pics are of my "young" class. I have older kids that speak English like they're from the American Midwest. Scary, but absolutely entertaining and respectable. Think about it.

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