Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a Cash Won Millionaire (Bitch)

MC Korean Chris has some millions. Won that is. I am officially a millionaire. It feels good. What feels better is how cheap it is to live over here. O.K., I had the best lunch ever of Kimbap with meat, egg, and assorted veggies. There was also a neverending tray of Kimchi and other veggies that would be swooped up and restocked for my fellow coworkers and I in an instant. The price...KRW 2, 500...each. Works out to less than $2.50 (lockness monster references appreciated). Better than that, the official drink in Korea is called "Soju" which I've mentioned before. This shit is like having my dad make you a drink at the old Richter house (miss you Pops, take care of my pup, she loves you and It gives me a real sense of happiness that you're her new master.) I'm sure you're enthused. Anwyay, on my way home from work today I hit the open air market where they sell anything living in the sea. I swear to God. So, the bottom line is that the 2 bottles of Soju cost me less than 2 dollars. Let's add it up over here, a gourmet meal of neatly wrapped Kimbab, never ending Kimchi and veggies, 2 bottles of Soju.........Less than $5. No tip. Koreans don't even know what tipping is. Amazing and frickin awesome. I just got a map of the city and there are going to be some Craaaaazy posts. Trust me on that one. I am insane, and totally going to work this thing. Anyongheekaseyo!

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