Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Royal Shoebox Awaits


So....You want to see the shoebox that I'm living in. You want to laugh..I know you do. But guess what. I actually Love this empty happy meal container I will be living in. It's on the first floor off a side street in Gangnam (the nicest area of Seoul thank God). Just because I can sleep, work on my computer, cook breakfast, take a shower, and use the toilet at the same freaking time means nothing to me. I am sooo proud of this place. I like to use the word "cozy" only so often, but I love it in here. I feel like a man. I got my own place and it is about time. It still needs some work, but they say that "Home is where the heart is." What's interesting about that quote is that for me it's not true. My true home is where my Seoul is (along with all of you), but this is going to become a temporary "Bachelor Pad" in what I think I consider the most amazing city in the world. Seoul, I am courting you and we are going to make sweet, sweet love together. You are a gem.
P.S- That hot, wonderful and aroma-rific meal on the stove is called "Bolgogi dope bap." It's not as exquisite as it sounds. It's just some marinated sweet and tangy flavored beef and seawead slowy blending itself together with rice to create an authentic Korean meal. Healthy..yes. Amazing? I'll soon find out. Then it's Lord of the Rings for the 22nd time because I only brough t two mentionable movies. The others were Shaving Ryan's Privates and Flashcrack. What the hell would I do without my sense of humor?????Love you all and please leave comments on my blog. Maybe one of my six year old students can show you how to do it......lol.....unbelievable.
"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home." -Von Goethe

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