Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seoul Survivin' in the City

I had actually been a little absent-minded since I've been here about the title of my blog. Seoul Survivin'--I am doing it; but it's not easy. As survival never is. Coming off the great weekend I had, this week so far has been really tough. I am very sick and have a Doctor's appointment to rid myself of Asian Bird Flu I got from the office (READ: Just Kidding). Yeah, not necessarily the way I want to start my first full workweek. I almost called in sick on Monday but held strong. In the meantime, before I see a doctor, this Korean girl at work hooked me up. She was so nice, and went to the pharmacy to get a "Korean" tonic that settles the nerves (which have been a little rattled with the shock of everything good and bad) and helps with flu symptoms. I don't know if it's the placebo effect, or she really got it from Mr. Miyagi down the street. Either way, I'll take relief from the symptoms.

I've been having some serious growing pains. I dream about my family and friends at night. I miss my dog. A lot. Work is stressful, and this city is MASSIVE. I have to (and am) am extremely careful as I walk aroung this city. I know i've mentioned how crazy people drive around here, but I actually saw a woman get hit by a car on my way home from work today. Not pretty. I'm no doctor or anything (or am I? Didn't Doogie Howser M.D. become the first blogger?). But yeah, she definitely had a broken pelvis. I keep two eyes in the back of my massive head..lol.

Anwyay, I am doing better after a steaming shower in my "shoebox." Right now I'm going to get some good food down the road and bring some maps so I can plan my takeover of this vast, crazy, and yet alluring city.


Bryanr said...

Hey Bro,

Happy Thanksgiving!at least when you get this it will be....miss you alot its not the same here without you.Your ass groove in my couch is starting to go away. Im going to try to call you today...hope you got over the bird flu by now.looking foward to talking to you.


DAD said...