Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rock and "Seoul" Star

Yes. I know. The ridiculously overused and over-run Seoul puns are getting to you. Me too. It's seoul annoying! Seoul, let me tell you what's been goin on. I went from being unemployed and living at my parent's house last week (God bless them both for that), to becoming a "MAN." Employed. Medical. Dental. My own place. A new experience. A culture shock. My own rules. A new perspective. Seoul Survivin" (that's it.... swear to God.)
So, one of my dreams of coming to Seoul was to join, or just plain jam with a band. Fate has made me two new friends and coworkers: John (David Gilmour from Pink Floyd on guitar), and Ryan (a great drummer). We went to a recording studio and jammed out for two hours yesterday. It felt like I needed that for seoul damn long. AHHHHH>
So, becoming a "Rock Star" was apparently in the mix as well. Seoul......what haven't you given me so far? I didn't even mention the most adorable Korean girl is going to be taken out by yours truly next week for dinner and "noraebang (singing room)."
Here is what I'm really feeling like: Supersonic (by Oasis).
Yeah, Man Up and listen to this song.

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DAD said...

You rock! You know who this is>>>>